“Antique” Mercury Glass Lamp and Coffee Sack Burlap Drum Shade

*Project by Amelia @ The Night Garden for the Knock-Off challenge of season 14* I love mercury glass. Love it. It's shiny and vintage-looking and meant to look imperfect, all of which make it work well in my house. I especially love the way mercury glass lamps look, and the contrast of a rustic burlap shade really sets off the shiny mirrored glass. What I don't love is the price-tag. For quite awhile, I've had the desire to try and make a … [Continue reading...]

Anthropologie Rosette Round Pillow Knock-off

*Project by Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique for the Knock-Off challenge of season 14* I just got this new bedding from Anthro when they were having their huge after Christmas sale. I am obsessed to say the least. I love it so so much. And when I saw the email about the new rosette pillow I died. It's adorable. But, I knew I could make it for much cheaper. $78 for a small accent pillow wasn't going to happen any time soon. Especially when I … [Continue reading...]

Interactive Calendar Center

*Project by Amber @ Mule ‘n Nag Crafts for the Knock-Off challenge of season 14* So excited to survive another week! For 'Knock-off,' I wanted to do a project that I've had on the back-burner for a looooong time.  Since my Eldest was old enough, we've been involved with a Co-op preschool.  Basically, all the Moms take turns teaching.  The only issue I've had is with the supplies we've been passing around.  They work just fine, just tags at my … [Continue reading...]

Knock-off Nativity Candle Holder

*Project by Kim @ Maiden D’Shade for the Knock-Off challenge of season 14* I know Christmas is over and perhaps people are tired of looking at Christmas stuff. But the Holidays were well underway when we got the themes for the contest. I was going to put this on my blog for this past Christmas but I kept it in my back pocket for this competition in case I needed it. I spent weeks looking through Ballard Designs, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, … [Continue reading...]

J. Crew Knock-Off Dress

*Project by Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty for the Knock-Off challenge of season 14* Thank you for your votes last week!  I'm thrilled to be here for Knock-off Week!  I love a good knock-off, as I am thrifty by nature. I don't know about you, but when children grow SO fast, and are SO hard on clothes, I have a really hard time spending a lot of money on their clothes.  Luckily, I can sew a bit, so I don't have to miss out on all the cute … [Continue reading...]

Color Block Knock-Off Dress

*Project by Ginger @ Gingerly Made for the Knock-off challenge of season 14* I love knockoff projects! There's nothing better than figuring out how to inexpensively make your own version of something ridiculously expensive in the stores. In fact, most of the time I go shopping now, I examine things in the store to figure out how they made it. So if you see me with my head cocked sideways peeking at the inside of some piece of clothing like I … [Continue reading...]