“Murano Glass” pendant

 *Project made by Sarah @ Sara vs Sarah for the Knock-Off challenge of Season 11* I love to work with resin so I wondered if there was a way I could work it into this challenge.  Resin looks like glass so I thought, why not knock-off Murano glass?  It's not like I'm getting to Italy any time soon to buy some.  Polymer clay was perfect for the flowers.  This was time consuming, but I love the results! Craft #8 - Zulily Look for Less … [Continue reading...]

Ed Hardy Purse knock off

*Project made by June @ Creations by June for the Knock-Off challenge of Season 11* I have a confession to make.. I may have a slight addiction to purses.  I LOVE them!!!!!  What I do not love is the price tags!  I fell in love with this Ed Hardy purse source The only thing I do not like about this purse is the price...$159.99 on Ebay.  But.. I do have fabric and specifically skull fabric.. and I really like pink, so I changed a few … [Continue reading...]

Oscar de la Renta Wanna-be

*Project made by Amanda @ Simply Homemade for the Knock-Off challenge of Season 11* My favorite thing about sewing is being able to implement a design idea and spin it to make it my own. When I first saw this Oscar de la Renta dress my little heart fell madly in love. Then I saw the original price tag and gagged just a little bit (8,690.00). While this dress is very beautiful it really isn't practical for me. See I have little kids, … [Continue reading...]

Pottery Barn Terrarium

*Project made by Wendy @ Craft Goodies for the Knock-Off challenge of Season 11* This theme was more of a which project do I want to make versus a what project to make because trust me, I have quite the list. But this one kept calling my name... I think it must be the time of year. That and any excuse to go plant shopping, I'll gladly take! This terrarium comes from Pottery Barn. It's beautiful, serene, and its … [Continue reading...]

Anthropologie Vase Knock Offs

 *Project made by Angela @ The Wray Sisters for the Knock-Off challenge of Season 11* I love all of the flower vases from Anthropologie. This week I chose to make my own version of the Anthropologie vases. I started with three vases. The yellow and the dark blue vases were purchased from a thrift store. The light blue vase was purchased at the dollar store. It was originally clear. I painted it the light blue color. I created the flowers by … [Continue reading...]

Anthropologie Homegrown Monogram Mugs

*Project made by Jama @ Cool People Sew for the Knock-Off challenge of Season 11* So "knock off" week was fun for me, because I got to make something that I couldn't afford to buy!! Ha!  Ok maybe you can afford to shop at Anthropologie, but not me.  And even if I can buy it, something inside of me screams, "YOU CAN MAKE THAT!" Anthropologie Homegrown Monogram Mugs I had been eying these mugs for a long time … [Continue reading...]

Flouncy Skirt

*Project by  Brittany @ BK’s Craft Blog for the Knock-Off challenge of Season 11* The yellow skirt above is my version of the cute springy, flouncy skirts I've been seeing everywhere! Basically its a skirt with some flare and pleats at the top. I used the skirt at the right as a bit of inspiration. I used the shirt like buttons on the front in the construction of my garment. I quilted the band around the top and left some … [Continue reading...]

Duct Tape Dress Form

*Project by Amber C @ The Craft Project for the Duct Tape challenge of season 15* I've been doing a lot of clothing design work for people recently, and the trend doesn't show signs of stopping as I ramp up to painting someone's wedding dress in the near future (gulp). For anyone out there who does a lot of work with clothing you know how invaluable a dress form can be - but also how pricey or difficult to get your hands on if you live in a … [Continue reading...]