Leaves – Week 2

Here are our Leaf crafts. Vanessa @ V&Co was the winner this week. But we were sad to see Alish & Whitney go. Craft #1 - Leaves Headband - Mique @ 30 Days So many options for a theme revolving around leaves! I decided to make a leaves headband. Using felt, a button, and an elastic headband- anyone can make one and it's cute to boot. A fun little addition to your fall wardrobe and great for a girl or a lady. Enjoy! Craft #2 - … [Continue reading...]

Harvest – Week 1

Here are the crafts of our Harvest Theme. Dana @ MADE (#6) was the winner this week. However, we were bummed that Marilyn was our first to go. Craft #1 - Count Your Blessings - Mique with 30days After a few projects centered around the "harvest" theme, I decided to do this "Count Your Blessings" wall hanging. "Harvest" can imply many things, but it reminds of fall, leaves, and thanksgiving. I wanted something uplifting on a sign and "count your … [Continue reading...]

Dinner for 2

Dinner-for-two TUTORIAL: Felt FoodWhen Harvest is done and the pie has been baked,stuff those big pockets full of goodies to take. Making Felt Food is easy and quite fun. And the possibilities are endless. Today we're making Dinner-for-Two. Get ready to feast on turkey drumsticks, homemade bread (with butter or strawberry jam), steamed broccoli, grapes that pull apart in the bunches, and of course, pumpkin pie for dessert. Made simple for … [Continue reading...]

No Sew Wreath

*Tutorial by Vanessa @ V&Co for her win of the Leaves challenge of season 1* this no sew fabric wreath is super easy and super fast to make. using up just scraps, it's also a pretty cheap but classy way to dress up your wall! what you will need: hot glue gun muslin square scraps of fabric a frame you can place you finished product. first i went through all my fabrics that i might want to put in my wreath. i eliminated some … [Continue reading...]

Scrap Ribbon Wallet/Clutch

I love giving my project scraps new life instead of just throwing them into the trash. These little wallets (or clutches depending on the size you make them) are made from small scrap ribbons that most people would have already thrown away! I made one for a “little princess” and one for her teacher. I personalized one of the gifts with a printed tag made from a ribbon and an iron on ink-jet transfer (the name is blurred out for the contest). They … [Continue reading...]