Disney Movie Quotes

*Project by Kim @ A Girl & A Glue Gun for the Ink challenge of Season 10* so ink had me stumped…i mean ink!? i had to come up with something or my husband was going to be getting a tattoo. so i made some printables…and used my printer INK to print them out…I shall call these…. and because i’m insane and neurotic..i made over 40….there is something for anyone/situation…there are some from walt himself, some funny ones..some wise words of … [Continue reading...]

Peacock Dress

*Project by Jessica @ Running with Scissors for the Peacock Finale of Season 10* I’m surprised I made it this far and I’m excited to be here for the finale of SYTYC! I decided I didn’t want to go with a literal interpretation of an actual peacock bird, but instead designed a dress that’s thoughtfully been inspired by peacocks in color palate, form, and texture. The dress is comfortable, perfect for Spring and Summer, and ended up having … [Continue reading...]

Teacup Birdfeeders

*Project by Malory @ Snips & Spice for the Upcycle challenge of season 15* One quality I remember most about my grandmother was her love of birds.  Her yard was filled with bird feeders, and she had a wonderful talent for painting the birds that would visit her yard.  For the first time this summer, my husband and I will have our own yard!  I am so excited, and I just knew that I wanted to have bird feeders in my yard.  So with this … [Continue reading...]

Washer Necklace

*Project by Amber R. @ Craft Me Perfect for the Upcycle challenge of season 15* Need the perfect necklace for that next date you have planned? Well, here's the perfect solution... Just find some old washers and sew them together in any pattern you choose! No one will be able to say, "I have that necklace, too!" It is one-of-a-kind. For my repurposed craft, I chose to turn 34 boring washers into a beautiful statement necklace! My … [Continue reading...]

Tablecloth Upcycle: Doggie Raincoat

*Project by Jess @ Spool & Spoon for the Upcycle challenge of season 15* Sometimes I just can't resist a pop of color. I saw the brightest summertime tablecloth at Homegoods last year and snagged it without a second thought. Unfortunately, I was a little blond and grabbed the wrong shape for our square table... womp womp. What's a girl to do with an oversized outdoor tablecloth? Well, a crafty girl upcycles it into the cutest doggie raincoat … [Continue reading...]

Chalkboard Craft Shelf

*Project by Veronica @ Adventures of D & V for the Upcycle challenge of Season 15* I have had my eye on this little shelf since we purchased our house almost 4 years ago. It was all alone on the basement wall, collecting dust. Last year when we started our basement renovation project, I rescued it from going into the dumpster. I had big plans for this little shelf!! I have always wanted a shelf to keep all of my small crafting items on, all … [Continue reading...]

Mercury Glass Vases

*Project by Amber C @ The Craft Project for the Upcycled challenge of season 15* Mercury glass vases have become very popular recently. I thought it would be really fun for my upcycle/repurpose craft to create my own version of these antique-style beauties that are showing up in all of the home stores. I started this project be scrounging as many different clear glass vessels as I could from garage sales including canning jars, votive … [Continue reading...]

Clothespin Artwork Hangers

*Project by Charlie @ Attempting Aloha for the Kids Can Do challenge of season 15* We do LOTS of crafts at my house. My kids have grown up around power tools, paint, and glue sticks. SOOO...I let my kids to crafts that aren't your typical "kid crafts". Today we were building and painting. Oh, and gluing. :) I let my kids be involved in everything from cutting the wood (with a handsaw and miter box, and I hold one end of the saw, and they … [Continue reading...]