Overstuffed Veggie Plushes

*Project by Vanessa @ Tried & True*

Veggie Plush 01

As a baby, my son absolutely hated tummy time from day one. As rational
adults, you understand how important their floor time is but as an
emotional mother, it’s torture to hear your poor little one crying their
eyes out. Eventually, as my son got older, tummy time became a little
easier with the help of a few props (water mat, Boppy, etc). I designed
these Oversized Veggie Plushes to help others with the always important
(and sometimes dreaded) tummy time!

Veggie Plush 02

The Peapod Plush is perfect for babies that aren’t yet mobile but are
beginning to push up on their arms. It’s softer and much cuter than your
average Boppy! As the baby gets older, he or she can use it as a body
pillow, back rest and of course, as a soft but efficient weapon to whack
their little sister.

Veggie Plush 03

The Carrot Plush not only looks great on a couch but can be a useful tool
when playing on the floor. Big enough for a parent to rest their exhausted
head on and yet, small enough for babies to lean against and upon. Older
babies will love crawling all over the Carrot, snuggling with it while
being read to and of course, using it to deflect the blows from their big
brother’s Peapod Plush!

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