Ombre Crafts {week 4}

Did you guys have a great weekend?  We joined some friends on what will probably be our last camping trip of the summer.  Other than the fact that we woke up on the ground after our mattress deflated every night we had so much fun! What did you guys do?

This week’s theme is another that’s never been seen here on SYTYC…Ombre Crafts. I’m a total sucker for Ombre. Are you?

Remember that voting closes a day early this season, so make sure you have your vote in by Thursday night.  And if you want to craft along, remember there’s the I’m Crafty! Linky Party every Thursday as well.

Craft #1 – Ombre Dyed Silk Cowl – Chrissy @  There are UFO’s under my stairs

This week’s theme has been the most fun! I started out by dying some fabric for a skirt. The lines between the different shades didn’t come out as straight as I wanted, but the color was gorgeous and the dyeing process had me hooked! I quickly went out and bought a few (ahem, five) more colors and started dying every piece of white clothing I could get my hands on. A dress, some tee shirts, my daughter’s stained cardigan. I even dyed some shirts for my son. Just plain, not ombre. (Because he’s a boy and he looked at me like I was crazy when I suggested it.)  I was seriously debating whether or not my husband would wear ombre colored socks, when I stumbled across a bolt of antique silk that I was given by my grandmother years ago. It’s almost 65 years old and has yellowed with age, but I thought that I would try to dye some of it and see what I got.
It came out so beautifully. I took three yards of the silk and dyed it in three concentrations. After I set the color and the fabric dried I cut it in half and then into 8 1/2″ strips. I sewed two strips together, matching light to dark on both ends, with a french seam. Then I did as small of a rolled hem as I could on both long edges.


The silk is so light and airy it’s a perfect summer accessory, and the pink is a great punch of fresh color.


Ombre dying isn’t difficult, but it does take some playing around to find the techniques that work best for you. And be forewarned, once you start dying you may not be able to stop!

Craft #2 – Ombre Sunset – Erin @ Erin’s Creative Energy

When I think about ombre, I almost always think about the sky.  I love to look to nature for inspiration and nothing does ombre better than a sunset.

This stained glass window hanging is an original design that I came up with for this challenge.  Learning stained glass isn’t hard, I took a class locally last year to learn.  This is only the 4th piece that I have completed!

Snapshots of the process.

This piece now hangs in the window of my art/craft room.  An other wise boring view of my neighbor’s roof has been transformed into a window that I want to gaze upon, with a beautiful view of a sunset falling upon mountains and water.

Craft #3 – Ombre Ambiance – Alicia @ The Creative Vault

Anyone up for a yummy salad and a little ombre ambiance?

Using items I already had at home, I created a nice little ombre table scape.  Except for the bowls & forks, I made everything you see here, including the table.  But we can just focus on the ombre.  For the ombre theme I dyed some vintage fabric that I sewed into a table cloth and accented with some rubber dipped mini vases.  I spray painted a Chinese lantern left over from my wedding in two tones of blue and also painted the handles of my salad tongs to match.

I used several shades of blue to create a nice, tranquil vibe.  Perfect for enjoying my beautiful backyard.

Looking forward to your votes and a lovely dinner with my husband!


Craft #4 – Ombre Necklace – Allie @ Miss Lovie Creations

The Ombre trend is so fun right now. I love it on anything-furniture, home decor, desserts… hair! What about on jewelry?! I love the idea of it making a statement with your accessories without being too over the top. I thought this Ombre Necklace was a great way to do just that.
  Since Ombre is such a trend right now in the crafting world, I really love it, but I also know it may not be around forever. I wanted to create something that would withstand the trend. The colors are so pretty and really pop against that white top. I think the necklace would be really great with a fancy dress or a simple t-shirt and jeans.
I hope you love this fun Ombre idea!


Craft #5 – Ombre Rain Gear – Meg @ Mega Crafty


I got the idea for this project while watching the sky as a thunderstorm rolled in. It was a gorgeous day until the storm approached. As the sky darkened it became a perfect gradation of light blue to a dark ominous blue-grey. I love that color pallet and as the rain began to fall it made me wonder if I could somehow recreate the look of the sky on an umbrella.

Then I remembered a pair of light blue rain boots I hadn’t worn in a while because they’d become really scuffed and dirty looking. I thought adding dark blues to the boots would be the perfect way to cover up the scuffed areas.

I’d painted umbrellas before but really wanted to that nice soft gradation an ombre is known for, so for this project I used an acrylic spray paint that allowed me to custom mix my own colors to match the umbrella and boots.

So not only did I get to play with a fun new craft toy, I wound up with cute set of ombre rain gear, and was able to give new life to an old pair of boots!

Craft #6 – Pretty in Pink Ruffle Skirt – Megan @ The Crafty Conundrum

To be utterly and completely truthful… I had absolutely no idea what OMBRE even meant when I got the theme list for this season.

I decided to make this Pretty in Pink Ruffle Skirt for my little princess who LOVES all things pink and flowery.  I used a pair of pink leggings that were getting a bit too short, and then added the ruffles (made from recycled T-shirts) and a pretty ruffly flower.

I haven’t really worked with T-shirt fabric before, but have seen it all
over Pinterest and the Blogosphere and thought I just had to try it.
Well now I get the hype -it doesn’t fray!  I just left the raw edges and I LOVE it!

Good for lounging, dancing, posing, playing dress up, and just plain being pretty!  I have one very happy girl on my hands… hope you all like it too!


Craft #7 – Lucky Stars Ombre Mobile – ChiWei @ One Dog Woof

“Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll still be among the stars.”  Think what you will about this quote attributed to Les Brown, but I think it’s a nice idea for a mobile.  I had lots of random ideas for this week’s Ombre theme, none of which really struck me forcibly, possibly because I’m not a big ombre person.  But I did like the pictures of ombre mobiles on Pinterest, so I decided to make my own version with some lucky stars and a quote!
Do you know about puffy lucky stars?  They’re 3D stars folded from strips of paper.  You usually see them stuffed into jars and fishbowls, but I’ve hung them up to give my son a little something interesting to look at when he goes to sleep.  In order to achieve an ombre effect, I took large sections of a roll of craft paper and painted them in watercolors, using different washes and layers to create the gradient from light blue to a deep indigo.  Then I cut the paper into strips ranging from 1/2″ to 3/4″, and started folding!  Because the paper was cut along the color gradient, I automatically had an assortment of different colored stars.
I didn’t count the number of stars I folded since some of them weren’t used, but there are probably close to 150 stars in the mobile.  They are threaded individually onto strands of white thread and hung from an embroidery hoop.  Each star is held in place by a knot below it so they can’t all crash down into each other.  Then I made a lightly stuffed felt moon to top it off…and as something to “shoot for”!  

You know what made this project even better, for me?  Instead of paying for a brand new tube of watercolor, I found the same tube in clearance for $0.61!  The outside was gross and sticky, but the paint inside was perfect.  The embroidery hoop was $0.99 and I had the thread and felt, so this project cost me under $2, which makes me happy every time I think about it!
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