Old Door Jewelry Hanger Tutorial

*Tutorial made by Randi @ Dukes and Duchesses for her win of the Thrift Store challenge*

I love using old cabinet doors in new ways.  I buy them for $1 at Habitat ReStore and I’ve used them in some fun ways in the past.  You can see a couple of old projects here and here.
To make the jewelry holder, I knocked the two panels out of the cabinet {there’s really no method to my madness here … I used a flat screwdriver, a hammer, and a lot of banging}.  Once they were out, I painted the door using some paint I had left over from another project then distressed it with fine sandpaper and glazed it with some leftover Ralph Lauren glaze.
Once the paint was dry, I used hot glue to attach window screen into the old panel spots.  The holes in the screen are the perfect size for holding earrings.
I thought it would be fun to use the original cabinet hardware in this project so I painted the cabinet handle glossy white and used it to hang bracelets and necklaces …
… and left the hinges intact to attach the jewelry holder to the wall.
My daughter really loves her new jewelry holder.  I’d love to hear if you make one too!
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