New Year Organization & Download

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about my House Happenings book?  Well a few of you went and made your own!!

Meet Jodi, the woman behind JoCole, a place for beautiful kids clothing patterns.  I mean, how cute are these two(pics are linked to her shop)?
I asked if she wouldn’t mind guest posting here at SYTYC and showing us her organization book.  Not only did she agree, she’s offering it as a download in 2 sizes (over achiever 🙂 )!
As a busy mom of three kids three years and under I need ALL the help I can get. Appointments and housework often get lost in the jumble of just trying to juggle these cute little munchkins. Add to the mix all my health problems lately and things really got out of control. How had I let my Organizer Planner not help me keep things under control? Things are starting to get better … I know I can’t be the only one struggling.

I have my Organizer Planner set for half pages so I can keep it in a half-binder in my purse along with the rest of my life.

My Organizer Planner has 5 different tabs … Notes, Calendar, Routines, Important Numbers, Bills/Budget.
Notes just contains lots of blank pages that I can fill up with sketches for new designs, confirmation numbers from phone calls, or something cool I saw on Dr. Oz or whatever else that jumps into my head.
Calendar contains blank planner pages that I print up ( front and back) and just fill in the date in the circle. I write whatever “zone” I am cleaning that week (I’ll discuss that more in a little bit). I also print up the blank planner pages for menu planning as well — well I’m trying to be better at menu planning.

Routines contains all my morning, evening, weekly routines, etc. It also contains all the “Zones” that I focus on each week for my detailed cleaning. Now I can hear some of you saying … this sounds like Flylady … well, it started out as Flylady but I got sick of her million emails so I adapted the system to fit into my life. I rotate the Zones however I want — generally I just go in order, but if one area of my house seems to need a little extra TLC I’ll add that zone into the rotation again.

Ok, I know it looks like a lot but if you actually keep up on it you’ll notice an improvement rather quickly. The hard part for me when I started was getting rid of the clutter so I could get to the cleaning!! I still struggle with clutter but things are looking better. Do your zone cleaning whether or not you see dirt and you will NEVER see dirt again.
How I actually get my routines done: I’m a big fan of using timers. I set a timer for 10 minutes and clean (dishes, or whatever) and then set it again for another 10 minutes and enjoy some nice reading time — I’m a big fan of rewards. My other favorite tool to actually help me keep my laundry under control is to put a load in the washer when I give my kids their breakfast, after they have watched 2 shows I switch it to the dryer (yes, I’m a bad mom who let’s my kids watch tv in the morning). I try to fold and put it away during lunch … and that’s IT … I ONLY do ONE load of laundry a day. It doesn’t matter how much I have piled up, I don’t need to stress. If I try to do more than one I know I wont end up putting it away and then what’s the point?
Important Numbers contains all my family’s addresses and phone numbers, birthdays and anniversaries. It also contains Emergency numbers (especially those for cell numbers … you did know there was a difference didn’t you?), direct numbers to my City’s Police, City’s Fire, County Sherriff, Poison Control, and all Pediatrician and Doctor Numbers and Medical Numbers.
Bills/Budget contains all of our bill information. Company, website, phone number, account number, website log-in information, date due and amount due. Yup … I’m that anal — but it makes paying the bills super easy. I have the bills in order of when they are due during the month and I have the first letter of each month that I cross off when I pay the bill so I can easily see when everything is paid.
Click the following links to DOWNLOAD pdfs of my Organizer Planner
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  1. Einnoch says

    After many years of home-keeping I still need reminders or is it motivation. This puts things together very nice!

  2. Mandy says

    You are a woman after my own heart. This is fantastic. I am a list maker myself. I also have my little quirks about cleaning that no one really gets but me. I cannot wait to try this method and see if it helps out. Thank you!

  3. ashley says

    I can’t get it to open! It sends me to some site, but all i see is a bunch of jumbled up words (days of the week, chores, etc) Would you consider emailing it to me?? I love you site and read you all the time and would love to be able to use it! thanks!

    mrs (dot) gurski (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Marykay says

    Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! I have been intending to make one of these (in half size) since I read the original post. This has saved me a ton of time and mental energy, which is great since I don’t have much of either 🙂

  5. says

    I made my own binder because I wanted something that fit my life style and was easy enough for me to understand. I made some of my own forms and found some online. On my blog you can find a list of all of the forms to print for yourself. It’s more than just the cleaning side of it, but the whole binder. Feel free to print away!