Monkey See, Monkey Do {Shop Spotlight}

*Hey everybody! Season 14 of So You Think You’re Crafty is going to be fantastic. However, it won’t be starting until the New Year – we decided to let the crafters have a little break and family time too :) . But I have a great schedule of guest posts and shop spotlights lined up from now until then. Have a great Holiday season and see you all after the New Year!*

Hi! I’m Jennifer. 

I love to sew, craft, and create. When I started my blog, Monkey See, Monkey Do!, I began to realize I’d like to sell some of the things I was creating. See this post for background on my blog including some of my favorite projects.

I re-opened my Etsy shop this past year and it now gives me a platform to sell handmade items. (I’d previously sold jewelry on Etsy several years ago.) Most of my items are sewn, but I have a few crocheted items for sale.

I’ve just started using ShopLocket as a new sales platform. It enables me to sell directly from my blog. I think I’ll eventually be switching completely to ShopLocket.

(Click on any of the following photos for more information on that item.)

zippered pouch (2)

IMG_8276business card holders (7)

zippered flag pouch (2)

plane and submarine onesies (10)

I have taken a few custom orders from friends; you can see some of those finished products here and here.

I hope you’ll check out my items for sale (all of which are ready to ship) and perhaps find something you’d like to purchase!

 I’d also be happy to talk to you about a custom order and can be contacted via email:

And don’t forget to check out my blog’s project gallery for DIY ideas.

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