Manly Pillow Covers

*Project by Erin @ Erin’s Creative Energy for the Repurposed challenge of season 12*

This week I re-purposed my husband’s dress shirts that he can no longer wear into manly pillow covers.

I have been trying to figure out a great way to reuse my husband’s dress shirts.  One had ring around the collar and the other a small grease stain that wouldn’t come out.  The shirts are made of great material and I just couldn’t throw them away or donate them to charity.  So, this was the best idea I came up with.

This was probably the easiest sewing project I have done in a long time.  I cut out a rectangle, the size to fit a travel pillow, turned them right side in, sewed it and trimmed the edges with pinking shears.  There was no need to sew a zipper or other enclosure because the button down front of the shirt was already there.

Now I have some very manly pillows, to sit on very manly chairs in a very manly room of my home.

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