Make Believe {week 2}

Hey all!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine started at 5:30 on Friday morning to my husband asking me to take him to the emergency room. About 4 hours later I was sitting in a recovery room with an appendix-less husband.  He’s doing fine now but it made for a pretty eventful day or two.

So I’ve got some pretty bummer news for you all.  Holly has been fighting some killer ear infections and has decided that she just she just has too much on her plate for now.  She’s made the hard decision to withdraw from the competition.  I’m so sad to see her go.  Her Tickety Tock project was awesome and a favorite from last week.  We’ll miss you Holly!

The winning project last week was brought to you by Camilla. Her Quiet Book won by a land slide!  Isn’t it darling?  I love the fabric she used and that the car has a little garage 🙂

And if you’re wondering who was responsible for the rest of the crafts you can always look back at the “past crafts” tab, but I’m going to try to remember to put them up here too.  So, here are last weeks match-ups:

#1 – Piano Upcycle – Laura
#2 – The Alphabet Play Skirt – Randi
#3 – Summer Baby Sleeping Bag – Narelle
#4 – The Butterfly Outfit – Heather
#5 – Tickety Tock – Holly
#6 – Football Buddies – Amy
#7 – Quiet Book – Camilla
#8 – Women’s  Halter to Toddler Dress – Ashley Lemaster
#9 – Mosaic Table – Ashley Thurman

And now, this weeks challenge…Make Believe! Just like every week, you can only vote once and the poll closes at 9 pm central time on Friday night (July 1st).

Craft #1 – Picnic for Two – Randi @ Dukes & Duchesses

I love imaginary play so brainstorming this week was really fun for me.  My project:  a sweet little make believe picnic for two.

I found an empty basket at a garage sale, added a fabric posie to the front, and lined the basket with pink and white gingham.  Inside the basket are all the goodies needed for the perfect, imaginary picnic.
I made a pink and white polka dot picnic blanket edged with ric-rac for little bottoms to sit.  Ants always seem to join a picnic so four little imaginary ants adorn the edge of the blanket.  Little napkins, with ric-rac to match the blanket, can be used to wipe imaginary crumbs from little mouths.
Tea, anyone?  Or perhaps some lemonade?  Little crocheted cups and saucers are just right for make believe tea for two.
When playtime is over, all the goodies can be packed into the basket and put away until tea time comes again.

Craft #2 – It’s Show Time – Laura @ EmmieLu Designs

As a child, I was the queen of make believe. As the youngest of three, I suprizingly played alone quite often so my imagination grew in leaps and bounds. So as I thought of ‘Make Believe’ I tried to think of what a tinier version of ME would want … and what little girl doesn’t want her own stage!! I combined that idea with the King of make believe, Dr. Suess, & I set out to create a magical stage for my darling nieces and cousins to perform on that was cheap [well … free] and could be made out of recycled STUFF [my favorite]. How exciting is this …..

The base is an old pallet I found that I covered in scrap wood. I got the picket fence from an old store display and nailed it to the front. The posts are cardboard tubes from upholstry fabric and the bright red curtains are made from scraps I found in a family members attic attached to an old curtain panel. The backdrop is my favorite – created out of an old sheer curtain panel & hand-painted to replicate a scene from a Dr. Suess book. And what craft of mine would be complete without a quote?? Total Cost $0.00!!!!

The Quote says: “Today you are you, that is truer than true, There is no1 alive, who is youer than you!” – Dr. Suess


Craft #3 – Mailman Outfit – Amy @ Spicy Tuesday Crafts

My son’s favorite person in the whole wide world is our mailman. He loves him so much that he waits at the window every day, rain or shine, for the mailman to come just so he can wave to him. I decided it was time for us to have a mailman outfit of our own:
I found an old pair of navy pants at the thrift store, along with a blue broadcloth button-down shirt and a tiny navy blue beanie (we live in the cold most of the year and our mailman wears a ski cap). I printed out some post office insignia and a “letter carrier” name tag onto iron-on transfer sheets and sewed them on to the hat, the shirt and the bag. The bag was just a remnant of fabric I had around the house which I fashioned into a messenger bag and added the stars and stripes ribbon strip.

And because the mailman needs letters to deliver, I made some felt postcards and envelopes to go in the bag. I used various ribbon strips for the addresses and return-addresses and cut hearts and diamonds for the stamps.

Some of the envelopes open and close with velcro so he could write his own note and letters.When the outfit was done, my son ran out to show our mailman — and was rewarded with a ride in the mail truck! Love that little Mailman!

Craft #4 – Space Trio – Heather @ Me Making Do

3-2-1 Blast Off!
I have had so much fun crating this little space set. My kids have been hovering over me asking “are you done yet mom?” They were so anxious to get their hands on it.
Ready to explore space are this duo. All geared up and ready to go..
The space suits are so cute oxygen tanks and all .
All of the clothes and accessories are removable. It’s hard to tell from the picture but the girl in pink has pigtails. So not only is this fun for boys but for girls  as well. The rocket opens, and the astronaut fits inside. Close it all back up and it’s ready for take off with a handle for easy carrying. I hope you enjoy this project as much as I have enjoyed coming up with it.

Craft #5 – Play Kitchen – Camilla @ Candied Apples

What do you do when your kid asks for a hideous plastic play kitchen? Make them a really cool one! This started out as a wooden microwave cart from the thrift store. It got a major facelift.
I drilled a hole for the sink, added a backsplash, faucet, oven knobs, an oven and a lot of paint.
This is now the perfect place to make a make believe dinner.

Craft #6 – Tooth Fairy Tracking Chart – Ashley L @ Not Just Grannies

The Tooth Fairy is the toast of the “make-believe” town around here! I wanted to make a chart to help my kid track “progress” as each tooth was lost. Here I bring you, the “Tooth Fairy Tracking” Chart.

The backing is tin, and the teeth are magnets that move to the corresponding number (age) when the tooth falls out, along with a special magnetized “jewel” that the tooth fairy leaves behind.

Kids not old enough for the Tooth Fairy yet?? Ahhh! I bring you Option #2…Tracking your kid’s baby teeth.

My kids love this and it makes the tooth fairy more magical than ever!

Craft #7 – Puppy Dog Towel – Ashley T @ Cherished Bliss

Make Believe. This is such a fun theme, especially having kids. EVERYTHING is make believe when you have kids. Couch cushions become a tent, food becomes missles, it’s really rather crazy what comes up in kids heads. My son is super big on super hero dress up, capes, anything he can put on and take of really fast. He also loves to swim in his little pool in the backyard and run through my house soaking wet. So I decided to create a “fun” towel for him that he might actually use!
I got the idea for a puppy dog because he has been running all over the house on his hands and feet barking at me, so naturally, it seemed appropriate : )
The hood is detachable (snaps) should he want to take it off and become a super hero.


Craft #8 – Spaceman Rocket – Narelle @ Cook Clean Craft

Spaceman Trevor waits nervously before his first mission with International Rescue as the mechanical crew prepares his rocket for launch. He wears his new spacesuit and protectively rest his hand on his helmet.


Spaceman Trevor is buckled into his pod and reviews the control panel – so familiar from his extensive training. He prays he won’t have to use the emergency controls.


10   9   8   7   6   5   4   3   2   1   BLAST OFF!!


Space and a child’s imagination (together with some cardboard, and craft supplies) are infinite – Planet Make-Believe, here we come!

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  1. says

    This is a really tough week because I think MOST of them deserve to win. Making a version of the tooth project that would permanently record the information would be a great gift for new babies and young kids. It would be a wonderful keepsake to be stored with the baby book, etc.

  2. says

    The teaset, mailman outfit and space trio were my favorites. I wish I could have voted for all three of them!


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