Love You Plates Tutorial

*This tutorial is made by Deidre @ A Craft A Day for her win of  the Love challenge in season 10*
I love these plates!  The best part… they are soooo easy!  You do not need much artistic talent to accomplish this craft.  We can all find crafts that are difficult by looking on the internet.  However, simple and cute…. much harder to find. This one takes the cake!  Give it a try.  I promise, you can do it!
Items needed:
Ceramic dishes
Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint (Michaels)
Paint brush
1. Print, draw or copy the artwork of your choice.  I found this design online and simply redrew what I saw.  If that does not fit your abilities, just print a design you like and cut it out.  This will help with placement.
2. With a pencil, scribble on the back of your drawing.
 3. Tape your image to the dish.
4. With a pen or pencil, trace your image.
 5. Pull off the paper and you will find a faint sketch of your image.  It is just enough to trace.
6. Start painting.  This is the paint and brush I used.  I should have used a liner brush, but I didn’t have one.  Not to mention I’m cheap and I like to make things difficult on myself.  Use a brush size that best fits your image.  Trust me.  It will save you frustration!
7. Follow the directions on the back of your paint bottle for baking.  Mine said to let dry for 24 hours.  Then bake at 300 for 35 minutes.  After baking, you can put it in the dishwasher!  LOVE!
Enjoy your new, personalized dishes!
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