Linen Chasmere Wool Frame Tutorial

*This tutorial by KoJo Designs for winning the “Yarn” challenge*

Have you perused Restoration Hardware’s catalog this fall? It is understated gorgeousness- all tan and cream and linen and textural beauty. This palette of neutrals was my inspiration for this frame- yarn embroidered linen, framed in flowers made of cashmere yarn and wool yarn.

With the embroidered message, wouldn’t this be a terrific Christmas gift (especially when you add a row of framed silhouettes as well!)?

To make one yourself, you’ll need:
-a square foam frame (you’ll find it in the wreath section a craft supply store)
-long, thin strip of white burlap fabric
-a bag of small styrofoam balls (cut them in half with scissors so they have one flat side)
-a pile of white and cream yarn, various textures and weights, the wool/cashmere combo turned out great together
-hot glue gun and glue
-some scraps of felted sweaters (for each flower, you’ll need a felted wool rectangle about 1″x10″
-a square of linen, big enough to fill middle of frame
-white sewing pins

1. To make the flowers, first make the yarn-wrapped centers. Make a little dent in the middle of the top of each styrofoam half-sphere. Knot the end of one of your strings of yarn. Cut off the excess ‘tail’ and hot glue the knot into the little dent. Wind the yarn around the styrofoam in a circle, using hot glue to secure until the entire half sphere is covered in yarn. Repeat until you have about 20 centers.

2. For the ‘petals,’ cut a thin rectangle of felted wool. Fringe one side. Hot glue one end to the bottom of a styrofoam center with the fringe facing out. Wrap the rectangle all the way around the ‘center,’ securing with hot glue. You can even do two layers of fringe/petals to make a fuller flower. Repeat until you have about 20 complete flowers.

3. Wrap your foam frame with your long thin strip of burlap until it is entirely covered, hot gluing in place as you go.

4. After determining which order of flowers look best by arranging and re-arranging, adhere the flowers to the frame with white sewing pins. Tuck each pinhead under fringe to hide.

5. Using a remnant of yarn and a tapestry needle, embroider your square of linen with your message (in our case, Nana, est. 2008). Secure this piece of linen to the back of the frame with sewing pins or staples.

6. If you like, frame several silhouettes and use extra flowers as accents on the frames. You’re finished with your perfectly lovely, custom decor set!

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