Knock Off {week 4}

* So the poll was showing up, then it wasn’t.  I just made a new poll and hopefully it will work for real this time. Sorry about that!*

Howdy Howdy! How was your weekend?  I spent mine trying not to let my clothes touch my back after I sat at the lake for an hour and a half having forgotten to wear sunscreen. The joys of summer…

This week is my favorite! I’m super excited about it!  But before I get to that, lets recap last week.

Our winner for the Dollar Store challenge was Amy @ Spicy Tuesday Crafts with her Girls Night Out Serving Set.

How fun is that?  I love the colors.

But just like every week, we have to say goodbye to someone.  This time it is Heather @ Me Making Do.

I totally love buntings and her Flower & Doilie Bunting is awesome!  She’s got a bunch of other awesome stuff on her site, Me Making Do.  Make sure you go check it out!

And here are the match-ups for the rest of the projects last week:

#1 – Shabby Chic Bowl –  Ashley T
#2 – Sun-Catcher Wind-Chime –  Laura
#3 – Ruffle Apron Tunic – Randi
#4 – Placemat Bag – Camilla
#5 – Whiz Bang Firecracker Wreath –  Ashley L
#6 – Girls’ Night Out Serving Set – Amy
#7 – Flower & Doilie Bunting – Heather


And now for my favorite week…Knock Off!! Just like every week, you can only vote once and the poll closes at 9 pm central time on Friday night (July 15th).

Craft #1 – Anthro Double Dutch Tote

I was very excited about this week’s theme. I NEVER sew anything for myself, so I decided I would make myself a knockoff designer handbag. When I saw this Double Dutch Bag on Anthropologie, I knew it was the project for me!


This bag is roomy and beautiful! It requires a small amount of basic carpentry and beginner level sewing skills. It is completely customizable and, even better, completely reversible!

I made one side feminine and gorgeous and the other side more casual. You can use any fabric you so desire and even upcycle old clothes! I used linen, upholstery fabric, and upcycled clothing (an old floral skirt and a very used pair of men’s jeans). The original Dutch bag uses scraps of dutch mail bags with wording on it, and I used freezer paper stencils and fabric paint to mimick that.

Did I mention that I LOVE THIS BAG?

Craft #2 – Twinkie Chan Scarf

I have a new hero — and her name is Twinkie Chan! She designs and crochets a whole line of food-inspired scarves and accessories, selling them on Etsy and Ebay as well as other places. (You can find her at Even though I can’t afford to pay her prices (one of her scarves was purchased on eBay a while back for over $300), her designs make me happy and since I recently lost 40lbs, it’s safer for me to merge my love of food with my love of (almost) all things crocheted. I thought this grapefruit scarf of hers was so crazy cutethat I decided to make my own version.

I made my grapefruit slices a little smaller so there were more of them going around and they have 7 sections instead of her 6. I also prefer Ruby Red grapefruit to the plain kind so I chose my colors accordingly. When I was a kid, grapefruit eaten at my grandparents’ house was always sprinkled with sugar on top so I sewed on irridescent beads for a sparkly finish. It’s my new favorite scarf — and I hope you like it too!

Craft #3 – Anthro Pillow

Oh how I love making things for way less than what you can buy them for!!

This Anthro pillow was my inspiration for this week.

I just love it : )


Here is my version. I used more of a pottery barn color scheme to better fit my needs. It is made out of a  white cotton blend and beige linen. My pintucking is closer together and a little thicker overall… I like mine better : ) Shh! Don’t tell anyone.


  I absolutely love this pillow!! It is a great accent! and I’m a super big fan of pintucking : )

Craft #4 – Pier 1 Directors Chairs

I love knock-off week – In fact, I knocked off 2 ideas into one project … eek!!!! I guess the idea of making something that costs BIG BUCKS yourself & saving yourself tons of money is my favorite! I have been dying for some new furniture for my patio & keep eying these adorable director’s chairs at Pier 1 for sometime … Unfortunately, they are $50-$60 a piece plus the cost of the cover … that is WAY out of my price range! So on a recent visit to my favorite thrift store I nabbed these beauties for $10 for the pair!!! I couldn’t just make a boring cover so I found this SuperFancy vintage burlap fabric on Etsy [which cost $149 …. gasp] & decided to replicate it on some burlap I got at above mention thrift store for $1.
&& the finished project [drum roll please …..]

I must brag that this project only cost me $11! && they look so stinkin’ cute on my back patio … yay!

Craft #5 – Anthro Nautical Bag

A few weeks ago I fell in love with this nautical bag from Anthropologie. I was determined to make it myself. Here’s the original at $68.00.
And here’s mine at just $20.

I LOVE it! It came out just the way I wanted. I hand painted the larger striped fabric because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I added the faux leather bottom and matched the leather look on the straps. I was able to find the red and white small polka dot fabric for the lined interior. With rope and grommets it feels like I’m ready to go sailing.

Bon Voyage!

Craft #6 – Pottery Barn Bike Basket

A good knock-off project is always fun and Pottery Barn is my favorite place for inspiration.  I fell in love with these bicycles when I saw them on the website.
My version {a side view rather than the front view} is made from white vinyl so it’ll show well on this dark wall.  I cut the handles off a little basket and sewed a brown and blue polka dot liner for it.  I wish I could show you how it looks with the other room decor but I don’t want to break the anonymity of the contest.
With flowers, it reminds me of an old bicycle that you might see on a European street.  It’s the perfect accent in this room.
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  1. says

    Love, love, love! I wish I could vote more than once! As soon as the poll is up, I have a big decision to make! Even though I can only vote for one, luckily I can make more than one myself!

  2. Claire says

    Still no poll, even though the post has been edited to say the poll is fixed 🙁

  3. says

    I’m not going to vote this week as I don’t really believe that blatantly knocking off someone else’s project/design is really ethical.

    • says

      Hey Wendy,

      As a crafter, I completely understand your issue. Since I have a project on the chopping block, I can honestly say that our versions are not NEAR as awesome as the original – which is why they cost less! Who can really afford a $300 handbag or $200 vintage fabric … not me – that’s for sure! I would never market or sell my item – so in that regard it isn’t at all un-ethical, it is merely my way of creating something awesome that I normally would never be able to have. Also – we all give credit where due by citing the exact item that we used as our inspiration! I am certainly not asking you to change your mind, but I thought we deserved a small rebuttal!

      • Ashley says

        Well said, Laura. And, just like the explanation so eloquently given by Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada”, pretty much every design you see at Casual Corner, or Target, or wherever the “normal” people shop, was something that began with designers. So the big people set the fashion trends for everyone. We (I am on the chopping block, too) are in no way saying that our version is any better than the amazing originals. Fashion design and trends are pretty much all either designer or “knock off” in one way or another.

  4. says

    Great projects this week!

    I can understand Wendy’s dilemma, but I think there is a different between making a similar item for personal use crediting the original and copying a design exactly without giving credit or, worse, to sell. In fact, it’s often drumming up business for the original. I’m never going to make this design, but am desperately search the net for the Pottery Barn one. I can’t find it! If anyone knows where I can get it, PLEASE let me know.


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