Knock-Off {week 3} – with results

Craft #1 – Shabby Apple Knock-off – Kate @ See Kate Sew

Magnolia Dress – Shabby Apple Knockoff

I swooned over Shabby Apple’s new Roamin’ Holiday line. So I picked my favorite and made it for a friend, in her favorite color.  A faux wrap style with a V neck, elbow length sleeves, a gathered waist and magnolia detail, I’m calling it the Magnolia Dress.

Their dress is over $70, but materials for me cost less than $10.

(I couldn’t quite knock-off the Italian background, bummer.)

Craft #2 – Serious!? Blouse – Charity @ Cannwin

First off, I have to tell you that I had the. hardest. time. with this theme. I did three different projects before settling on a knock-off of Anthropologie’s Wispy Cirrus Blouse.

The problem was finding the lace… except that Missy had us all down hunting around in the Thrift Stores last week and I found myself surrounded by piles of lace curtains! Not one to miss an opportunity, I snatched up several and proceeded on my way.

My model couldn’t have been happier with the resulting blouse. She thinks it outstrips any other crafts in this weeks voting and she has just one question to ask you…

Craft #3 – Summer Garden Bag – Tori @ Apostrophy Designs

Like most of us, I drool over all the items that Anthropolgie has to offer, minus the price.
So for my knock-off craft, I decided to take a purses of theirs that I have been wanting, and give it a summery twist.
And at a fraction of the cost, I would like to introduce to you my Summer Garden Bag.
This bag is made out of a houndstooth suiting material (found on clearance at Wal-Mart) and adorned with brightly colored garden felt flowers.
This bag is lined with a heavy green stripped material from IKEA and has an extra pocket for all of your important items.
I am a BIG BAG girl so I made the bag a little bigger so I could hold all of my Summer essentials. Can’t wait to show this bag off well into Summer!

Craft #4 – Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Wreath – Macey @ Olivia Renn

When I was flipping through the pottery barn catalog I knew this would be such a fun thing to recreate!
I love Pottery Barn, they always have such amazing idea’s and I always can recreate them for a fraction of the price.
I already had an old wreath,
so I went in my yard and picked some leafs.
Then I blew the yolks out of a couple eggs, and painted them.
I got a little moss,
put it all together and it was done.

Since I had all the supplies, my project was FREE!
I’d say that’s quite the deal considering the original from Pottery Barn rang in at $49.00!

Craft #5 – Oscar Night Knock-off – Shannon @ GoogieMomma

Watch the Oscars? Yawn…not interested. But the fashions? Oh, yes please!

When I learned this week’s challenge was “knock-off” I knew I wanted to knock-off one of Anne Hathaway’s gorgeous gowns from the 2011 Oscars (and there were so many to choose from!)

Like many others, I thought her gowns were just stunning. But which one? The red? The maroon? The white? I knew immediately though–the black and lace combo was beautiful. And I was certain it would translate into the perfect dress for my pre-teen–not to “little girly”, and not too “adult”.
And I think I was right…


I modified it (obviously): added sleeves (strapless just isn’t practical for a ten year old! hehe), shortened it, and of course I had to work with what I could find in terms of the lace.


We did hit the high points of the dress though–the yards and yards of pleated black satin in the skirt…the scalloped dropped waist…the sweetheart neckline with sheer ruffled trim…


And the Mock-scar for “Best Copy of A Co-Host Gown” goes too….

Craft #6 – Stella McCartney Knock-off – Tone @ Bless by Tone

When I got this weeks theme, I knew what I was making. A few weeks ago,
someone showed this dress on their blog, and I fell in love with it – it
reminds me so much of my mom’s old bathing-suits. And when I looked at
Stella McCartney’s kids collection I also found the pair of shorts, and I
knew I had to make it a full outfit.
I think maybe the shorts will look even nicer if I wash them a few times –
with something that can make the fabric look a little worn. My model
wanted heart shapes instead of stars – I love the heart in the back of the
I’m just in love with this outfit – I love the fabric I used in the top –
it’s just so right.
And this is where I
found the pieces.

Craft #7 – Pottery Barn Blue Gate Knock-off – Jill @ Made it on Monday

A while back I fell in love with Pottery Barn’s Blue Gate Wall Art. But with a $230 price tag, I knew it would never see the inside of my house (that is, beyond the computer screen!).

But then SYTYC came along with a knock-offs challenge! Using simple materials available to the average person and following some basic steps, I was able to make a slightly simpler version of the Pottery Barn beauty for less than $15.


I love the way it looks above my dresser, but would also swoon if it was hanging over my mantle. Measuring 23.25” x 33.25” it could make a wonderful statement in any room.

Craft #8 – Anthro Pillow – Becky @ Beckymae’s Journey

One of my all time favorite stores is anthropologie…..but who can really shop there with those prices…so as I looked around their website, I found this really super cute pillow. Guess what, it cost $88 dollars for that pillow. WOW! My husband would not be happy if I bought a pillow for that price. Maybe 10 pillows but one…not going to happen. Well with this week theme…making the pillow came at perfect timing for spring. I get my pillow for FREE because I had all the stuff to make it on hand!

Fine details of the spring pillow!
All done and placed on the couch really to be used!
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