Knock-Off {week 2}

Hey hey everybody! (did you all start singing that somg from LOST? anyone? every time someone says that the song gets in my head.) How was your Easter weekend?  I hope you all had good food and a great time with family.

Before we get to the current challenge, the Knock-Off round (which you readers voted as your favorite theme in that survey a month or so ago) let’s go over the results from last week.


and the crafter/project match up:

#1 – ‘Grow’ Zipper String Art – Amber C
#2 – ‘Grow With Me’ Spring Play Dress – Veronica
#3 – Sweet Memories Caught in a Hoop – Amber R
#4 – Spring Wreath – Lacy
#5 – Pocketful of Posies Pillow – Jess
#6 – Cupcake Flower Bouquet – Malory
#7  – Spring Cleaning Lockers – Charlie
#8 – Twirly Girly Easter Frocks – Heidi
#9 – Spring Baby Wings – Rebecca
#10 – Hand Seedlings – Chrissy
That makes Heidi and her Twirly Girly Easter Frocks the first winner of season 15!!  Congrats Heidi!  I bet your girls loved wearing those dresses yesterday.
twirly easter frocks - heidi
But that also makes it Chrissy’s turn to say goodbye.  The first week is always the worst week to have to do this! Thanks for all you’ve done for the contest Chrissy!  Those Hand Seedings are really cool and unique.
hand seedlings - chrissy
Everyone be sure to stop by her blog, FullCandy Jacket and follow along to see all her great projects there.
And now for this weeks challenge. Thank you for all your imput about the polls that you have given me.  I’m trying to come up with a better way of doing it that will fix all the problems we’ve been having and make the most of you happy.  Until I figure that out, thank you for being patient :)  The poll will be open until 7am ET on Friday morning so get your vote in and make sure you spread the word so your friends can come play too!

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And don’t forget the linky party on Thursday where you can share your own knock off projects with all of us too!

Craft #1 – Bel-Air Bedding Knock Off – Veronica @ Adventures of D & V

We recently decided to invest in a down comforter for our bedroom. I had been searching for a duvet cover that I loved for it…and every one that I found, that I loved, was out of our price range. So I decided to make a knock off version! The style that we both fell in love with was the Barclay Butera Interiors Bel Air duvet cover.

If you click over to their site you will see that the duvet covers and pillows cost a pretty penny! So, off I went to the fabric store in search of material to make my knock-off. When I was shopping I found a patterned fabric I loved, and decided to make a reversible duvet cover.

Bel Air style on one side, fun “hydrangea” pattern on the other side. The hardest part was the planning (geometry refresher anyone?!) and cutting of the Bel Air style side. I sewed in snaps on the top edge and bottom flap to help keep the comforter in place. I also made 3 pillows to go with the duvet cover. 2 white with grey borders (kind of flip-flopped from the mint with white boarders in the Bel-Air bedding). And my favorite detail, the square pillow with the hydrangea flower hand sewn on the front.


Have you ever tried to take a picture of a big thing (like a bed) in a small room?! It’s not easy! I hope these pictures capture the beauty of our new bedding and your vote!

Craft #2 – Pandora Knock-Off – Amber C @ The Craft Project


For my knock-off craft I decided to create my own version of a Pandora bracelet. Pandora’s version costs $590. I created mine for $10.


I used sculpey to build all of the beads. Once they were sculpted and baked I spray painted them silver. I then did all of the detailing: I first painted the center of the heart pendant black and then added a coat of a gloss medium; and then I glued glass jewels to each of the heart beads to finish their design. I then strung them and replicated the knot they used for the Pandora bracelet to finish it off.


Craft #3 – Stacking Wood Trays – Jess @ Spool & Spoon

It’s no secret that I covet craft supplies, but I’m a bit of an office supply hoarder as well. That’s why this was exactly the knock-off project I needed to corral all of my goodies in one stylish place.

Every once in awhile you come across something in the pages of a glossy catalog or in the windows of your favorite shops and your heart skips a beat. That’s what happened when I was perusing my beloved and came across these wooden desk tray organizers. I pinned those little buggers over 13 weeks ago and still kept crushing on them. I’m just not much of a woodworker so it took quite some time for me to gather the courage to start this project. When I found the perfectly-sized trays at HomeGoods, I knew that it was about time I finally knocked them off.

These were so worth the effort of making myself… especially when you take into consideration that the original set cost $128 and mine cost all of $20!!

The next time you find yourself drooling over something a bit out of your price range, consider making it yourself, too!

Craft #4 -Vintage Jar Lighting – Heidi @ greendoodle


For my “knock-off” entry I recreated the Addie Pendant from Ballard Designs.  For a mere $189 plus shipping this beauty could be  yours!  Or, if you dare cut into cool old jars, you can create this project for about $12 plus tools.

I’d like love to tell you that this project has a 100% success rate, but that would be a big fat lie.  I had purchased three vintage glass gallon jars at half-off thrift day.  My dream was to replace the single light over my kitchen island with three uncolored pendants, but despite my best efforts (with much consulting from my husband), only one jar cut beautifully and one had a clean cut, but with a crack.

The glass was colored with food coloring/glue mixture with aqua nail polish for texture.  The nail polish was a successful experiment  which created a look similar to the seed glass on the original.  Another surprise… once painted the crack was unnoticeable.  Hooray for accidental success!
My knock-off lights will now have a new home in my sewing room where I hopefully get to admire them daily.

Craft #5 -Anthropologie Caridad Ruffled Dress Knock-Off – Malory @ Snips & Spice

I was super excited when I say that this week’s theme was knock-off.  I knew right away that I wanted to knock-off an Anthropologie dress (they are super cute, and super expensive).  I looked through all of the pictures and thought this one would be perfect to wear to a wedding this summer.

The most challenging part of making this dress was creating the texture of the skirt.  After gathering yards and yards of lace, I pinned it in place all along the chiffon layer of the skirt.  I played around with different patterns until one looked right–I even had to buy an extra set of pins because I didn’t have enough for that part.  Once I found the best pattern, I sewed the lace down to the chiffon.

I knew I wanted to jazz up the dress a little bit by adding bling, so I swapped out the plain red button at the neck for this jewel, and the ribbon belt for this rhinestone belt.

Before I could get to the finishing touches of the bling, however, I had to finish the neckline and arm holes.  I couldn’t just fold them under like the hem, so I created my own bias tape out of chiffon to match the sheer part of the bodice.  I sewed the bias tape around the neckline and arm holes to give the dress a finished look, and to prevent the chiffon from fraying all over the place when I wore the dress.

Craft #6 -Knot a Pillow – Rebecca @ There is Beauty All Around

To be completely honest, I was rather nervous when I got the SYTYC schedule an saw that “knock off” was the second week’s challenge. Having never completed a knock-off project in my life, I was pretty sure this would be the theme that would knock me off, and I was ad
that it came so early in the game. But rather than accept defeat, I decided to approach the challenge head on and try one of the very few knock-off ideas that I’d ever been interested in trying. A knotted pillow. A Celtic knotted pillow, to be precise. I originally saw the idea on Grosgrain, but I forgot about it until this challenge came along.

knock off

Of course, I had to put my own twist on it. First it’s made out of yarn, not sewn, and I chose a different knot pattern, as well.

on chairThe picture of the original made it look more like a bed pillow, but I decided to do something more like chair cushion. It is so squishy  soft and super comfortable, so is serves its purpose well. But I think it would also make a great accent pillow for a bed or couch. I’d love to make a whole pile of them to lay in. That would be fun. Anyways, I’m getting carried away. Though it is “no sew,” this cushion is  definitely not “no work,” so a whole pile might be a little ambitious. But maybe someday.

on bedThe best thing about this project is that it is simple (if time consuming). You just need a bunch of regular weight yarn from any craft  tore, a toilet paper tube, and some pencils, and you’re good to go. Curious? Vote for my craft and find out how these come together to  make a beautiful Celtic Knot Cushion.

Craft #7 – Mizone Florentine Bedding Knock Off – Lacy @ Lavender & Lace

My knock-off project is based on a designer Mizone Florentine bedding set. I love the color and the way the duvet cover and pillow cases are framed.
InspireInterpretI started with a plain white duvet cover and looked up free mandala patterns. Using a light marker (yellow in this case) I drew on the flowery design, then painted over it with fabric paint. I sewed the blue silky on the duvet cover and pillowcases. I also made an accent pillow with some satin fabric, metal scroll-designed buttons and blue fabric paint.WIPcollageThe colors go great in my guest room! This bedding set is exactly what I needed to finished off the room!knockoff

Total craft time: approx. 8 hours on and off.
Be sure to paint in sections allowing each to dry before moving on. It’ll take longer than if you painted it all at once, but you’re less likely to smear going section by section.

Craft #8 – Banana Republic Knock-Off Skirt – Amber R. @ Craft Me Perfect

Have you ever walked into a store and found the perfect dress, skirt, shirt, or any other item, but when you flipped over the price tag you realized it was over your budget. When this happens to me, I take a picture of it and go to my local fabric store. I pick out a pattern of fabric that I like even more than the one I saw in the store and go to town on making a knock-off version (even better in my opinion!). No one else will have the same outfit as you!
I found this skirt at Banana Republic and the price tag read $79.50, which was way out of my range! So I went to the fabric store, picked out fabric, thread, and a zipper, and started sewing!
And guess what….?!?! My version of the skirt only cost me about $12.00!

Craft #9 – PB Teen Ruched Bedding Knock-off – Charlie @ Attempting Aloha

I’m cheap. Let’s just get that out in the open right now. But I have expensive taste ((sigh)). I LOVE Pottery Barn style, so PB Teen was one of the first places I started looking for bedding when it was time to get inspiration for my 3 girls’ beds. While $100 doesn’t sound too outrageous for a duvet comforter, remember that I’m shopping in THREES, so that’s a hefty $300 in one swift kick in the pants.

We already had these hideous Disney character comforters, and I was hoping to just use those inside the duvets, but after purchasing the sheets from Wal-mart, it was obvious that they would show the ugly comforter underneath. SOOOO…I had to pick apart the entire thing to use the batting (that’s how cheap I am, people). It took a long time, but I like to think I also saved the environment just a little. 😉


So 6 hours, 3 sheets, 2 separate seam-ripping adventures, and 1 swear word later…I had my lovely knock-off duvet. And life was good.  Now what will I do with the $240 I saved?

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  1. Camille says

    I like a number of these submissions, but I can’t stand the new poll! If I only had to rank my top 3 I’d be ok with it, but as it is, I won’t be voting on your site anymore. I’d want to do it as honestly as I can, and I’m not up to doing this LONG voting system.

    • Missy says

      I’m sorry you feel that way Camille. I’m working on figuring out a way to do the polls that makes everyone happy. I’d love to be able to make it easier for everyone so I’ll look into other ways. I’ve thought about the top 3 votes way to do it – it’s great for choosing a winner, but it creates problems with knowing who will be eliminated every week. But I’m working on it :)

  2. says

    I just thought I’d take the time to say I don’t mind the new poll and don’t find it that cumbersome. People usually make more of an effort to report dissatisfaction, and I wanted to let you know I really enjoy the variety of this series and the time that you must put into running it.

  3. Kathy Williams says

    Maybe I’m missing something, but if not, I think it would be good to put the topic of the challenge in the introduction. It seems like to me that this challenge is more geared to the person who best copied the original, not necessarally the one that is liked the best. BTWW, I didn’t like this voting system at first, but I think it best suits elimination too.

    • Missy says

      Hey Kathy!

      The topic of the challenge (knock-off) is in the post title. But I agree, I think it’s a good idea to have it in the intro too. I’ll go back and add it right now :)


  4. Kathy Williams says

    Thank you. I’m not trying to be critical. You do a great job. It’s just that I had no idea what knock-off meant. I’m not a crafter (well, semi) and am much older than most of the participants. Someone had to tell me what it means.

  5. says

    Hi, Missy! I don’t mind the voting process this way, but I did have to go back and redo mine since there were 10 spots, and only 9 contestants this week… I had started at least favorite and worked backward and had to redo it all. lol :)

  6. says

    So sorry the polling has turned into such a hassle! It is harder to use, but it also gets easier each week as we get used to it and as there are fewer entries.

    This week my only moment of confusion is when I tried to figure out which one I hadn’t voted for spot #10, and then realized there were only 9 people left!

  7. Missy says

    Oh man! I must still be recovering from the weekend! Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention ladies! I was able to delete the title for that column, but because there are already responses to the poll I can’t delete the column all together. Bummer! Sorry for the confusion it’s causing!