Knock Off Crafts {week 3}

*If you missed the results post for last weeks Thrift Store challenge you can find it here.*

I had an AMAZING weekend at the Biltmore this weekend. The house was totally fasinating (am I the only one fascinated with how historical bijillionairs spent their money?) and the grounds were breath taking. The weather even turned out great.  It was forcasted to rain and be disgusting all day, but the weather held out until we were about 20 ft from our car.  It was fantastic.

So now I’m back to reality.  At least my reality for a Monday morning is making sure you all get to see these awesome Knock-Off projects the ladies have put together for you.  The poll is in the sidebar and will be open until Friday night.  And as always, good luck ladies!!

Craft #1 – Flouncy Skirt – Brittany @ BK’s Craft Blog

The yellow skirt above is my version of the cute springy, flouncy skirts I’ve been seeing everywhere! Basically its a skirt with some flare and pleats at the top. I used the skirt at the right as a bit of inspiration. I used the shirt like buttons on the front in the construction of my garment. I quilted the band around the top and left some excess for the attached bow. Plus this is a two-fer craft; both Knock Off and Up Cycle! The fabric is from a dress destined for the dumpster.


Craft #2 – Anthropologie Homegrown Monogram Mugs – Jama Cool People Sew

So “knock
off” week was fun for me, because I got to make something that I
couldn’t afford to buy!!
Ha!  Ok maybe you can afford to shop at Anthropologie, but
not me.  And even if I can buy it, something inside of me


Anthropologie Homegrown Monogram Mugs
I had been eying these mugs for a long
time and thought that this challenge would be the perfect time to make
I started out with some simple white mugs, ceramic paint, and floral stamps.



I did some bigger mugs too, because
let’s be honest I drink a lot more coffee than those small mugs will

Craft #3 – Anthropologie Vase Knock Offs – Angela @ The Wray Sisters

I love all of the flower vases from Anthropologie. This week I chose to make my own version of the Anthropologie vases. I started with three vases. The yellow and the dark blue vases were purchased from a thrift store. The light blue vase was purchased at the dollar store. It was originally clear. I painted it the light blue color.


I created the flowers by using sculpting clay. I just took the clay and started manipulating it until I got some flower shapes that I liked. Once the clay dried, I hand painted the flowers. Then I coated each flower with a high gloss paint to give them the same glossy texture as the vases.

collage 2_edited-1

I love how they all turned out.

DSC03694 copy 2

Craft #4 – Pottery Barn Terrarium – Wendy @ Craft Goodies

This theme was more of a which project do I want to make versus a what project to make because trust me, I have quite the list. But this one kept calling my name…

I think it must be the time of year. That and any excuse to go plant shopping, I’ll gladly take!

This terrarium comes from Pottery Barn. It’s beautiful, serene, and its huge–like fish tank huge.

So my first obstacle was to find a size that would work for my space and from there it was just fun.

I ended up using picture frames, a set of hinges, some scrap wood, and paint sticks. Supplies that were easy to find and so much less expensive.

 {Isn’t that part of what makes a knock-off so rewarding?}

I’m so thrilled with how it came out.

It’s perfect!

Perfect for the space I have and perfectly NOT Pottery Barn priced…

thanks for another fun week, my to-make list is finally getting a little bit shorter!

Craft #5 – Oscar de la Renta  Wanna-be – Amanda @ Simply Homemade

My favorite thing about sewing is being able to implement a design idea and spin it to make it my own. When I first saw this Oscar de la Renta dress my little heart fell madly in love. Then I saw the original price tag and gagged just a little bit (8,690.00).

Oscar de la Renta

While this dress is very beautiful it really isn’t practical for me. See I have little kids, and when we are sitting in church I’m constantly having to pick up toys and crayons off of the floor. I need dresses that won’t show the world what I’m made of if I bend over to pick up the Bible themed quiet book! Also, I really love the black on nude but I felt like it might be a tad scandalous to wear to church, So I raised the neck line and used ivory under my black lace. Sure, it’s not as glamorous but it’s still really pretty and I love wearing it!

Oh, and it cost me 36.47 as opposed to 8 grand! Booya!



Caft #6 – Ed Hardy Purse knock off – June @ Creations by June

I have a confession to make.. I may have a slight addiction to purses.  I LOVE them!!!!!  What I do not love is the price tags!  I fell in love with this Ed Hardy purse

The only thing I do not like about this purse is the price…$159.99 on Ebay.  But.. I do have fabric and specifically skull fabric.. and I really like pink, so I changed a few things

Added some long handles so I could throw over my shoulder…

Pockets moved from the ends to the sides……

Two pockets on the inside… in another (sugar) skull fabric pattern

And a little extra bling here and there!!
The coolest thing ever?  The hot pink denim.. thrifted… handles.. thrifted and clearance…black fabric.. scrap from two other projects and the clearance bin, and skull fabric… 50% coupon.. total cost..maybe $7?  I would much rather have the money in my wallet then invested in my purse!!

Craft #7 – “Murano Glass” pendant – Sarah @ Sara vs Sarah

I love to work with resin so I wondered if there was a way I could work it into this challenge.  Resin looks like glass so I thought, why not knock-off Murano glass?  It’s not like I’m getting to Italy any time soon to buy some.  Polymer clay was perfect for the flowers.  This was time consuming, but I love the results!

Craft #8 – Zulily Look for Less – Kimberly @ Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me

I one hundred percent love this dress from zulily.  And even though there are “steals” on zulily, I was still unwilling to shell out the $40 that was this dress.  I was convinced I could do it myself – so I did!

My first attempt wasn’t quite up to par, but I didn’t shelf the idea.  I knew it could be great.  I wanted to give it another go, but had used up all of my fabric on the first dress.  What to do??  I know this challenge had nothing to do with thriftiness or repurposing, but isn’t that kind of the idea of “knock offs”?  To get “the look for less”?  As I cast my eyes around the hoard, er, stash, um, carefully selected and artfully collected crafting paraphernalia, I noticed an old dress shirt.  Perfect!

Why was this perfect?  Well, for starters, it already has the pleat in the back – which could easily be transformed into the front of the dress!  Furthermore, it also has buttons down what would turn into the back – so no need to add a zipper!  I’m convinced that anyone and everyone could make this with some motivation and a sewing machine, it’s that straightforward.  The real secret to this dress?  Buttonholes!

That’s how I inserted the big, flouncy bow – which, let’s face it – is the entire reason to make the dress in the first place.  The lines of this playful little number remind me of something Twiggy might have worn.  And I love that.  Same cute dress, made two ways… so now I have some summery, 70’s-esque, thrifty little zulily inspired dresses, for the two little cuties in my life!

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  1. says

    I spent four days at Biltmore last month! I LOVED it! I too found it utterly fascinating, my goodness! Everything in that house was huge, and it was so modern for 1894! (Or whenever it was built) Did you go on any tours? I couldn’t believe we spent four days there and still felt like we didn’t see it all.

    • Missy says

      Four days! Not fair! We only had the one day so we just did the audio tour of the house then explored the other stuff a little. I plan to go back and spend as much time as I can going on all the house tours. I want to rent a bike and ride around the grounds too. It was totally amazing!

      • says

        You know, I live in E. Tennessee, and you girls are really making me want to visit the Biltmore now. I LOVE historical sites!! I’m glad you had a good time Missy.

  2. says

    I can’t see the pictures of the mugs, is something wrong? It was just text in my reader, and now blank space on the blog.

    Don’t want to vote until I’ve seen everything (although I really love that terrarium…)