Knit Sheet Cheer Outfit

*Project made by Nicole @ Cole’s Corner & Creations for the Upcycled challenge*

My New Years Resolutions:
1. Use fabrics from my stash.
2. Workout regularly.

Well… I’ve been following my workout routine pretty well and my girls are loving it.
They do my workout videos with me and they are in love with my sports bras.

So this weeks challenge has given me the opportunity to keep my other resolution.

I LOVE working with knits and I love trying new patterns and techniques.
These knit sheet sets are great for practicing. They are REALLY cheap for how much fabric is in there and I see them on sale ALL the time. BUY SOME! You can try all sorts of patterns and make muslins for clothes for yourself without feeling guilty if you mess up.

Sometimes you will come up with something sweet and adorable and wearable.

These workout outfits for my girls went together so quickly!
I’m so pleased with how they came out.

My girls were pretty excited, too!

I was definitely channeling my inner Fraulein Maria and Scarlett O’Hara; Great Women in ‘history’ have always made due with what they had.
It’s a great lesson and it’s FUN to upcycle!

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