Knight in Shining Duck Tape Armor

*Project by Veronica @ Adventures of D & V for the Duct Tape challenge of season 15*

In the world of imagination there is always a Princess who needs to be saved, or a dragon who needs to be slain. And those are both jobs for a Night In Shining Armor! Real armor is much to heavy for a young knight, so what looks like armor with out being so very heavy…Duct Tape Armor!
I made this set of duct tape armor with everything a young knight needs: helmet, shield, sword, breast plate, back plate, shoulder guards & arm guards (also called vambrace and besagues in knight lingo). The breast plate fits over the knights head, wraps all the way around the torso, and is secured in the back by velcro straps. For protection from enemies on all sides! The arm guards and shield are fit with elastic bands to secure them in place.
I constructed the entire costume using duct tape, string, velcro, some cardboard and a sheet of aluminum foil. 5 rolls of duct tape later, a few young knights have a fun, new costume to use when slaying dragons!
Since the velcro is adjustable, this armor can fit different knights of different age and size.
(They seemed to like the sword the best, which ironically was the quickest & easiest piece of the whole outfit!)
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