Kitchen Island

*Project by Jama Cool People Sew for the Thrift Store challenge of Season 11*

This has to the best challenge ever!!!

I L.O.V.E the thrift store and visit mine often {atleast a few times a week}.

It is just so much fun to find rejects and turn them into treasures. There are days that I hear lamps whispering to me…”take me home and make me pretty.” I know that some of you understand what I am talking about.

Anyways, there was a sofa side table with a marble top that was destined to be something amazing staring at me this week. I needed a small kitchen island and knew the top of that table would be perfect!!!

After finding some old shutters the kitchen island project began.

First I measured and used the miter saw to cut the shutters down. No husband needed. I just got brave and did it. It was kind of empowering.

I used a few screws to create the shelf in the island and top, which secured the base and then placed the marble on top and used a strong adhesive glue to hold it down. Lastly a quick coat of pretty paint!

I am already loving it! I gave it a small lip, so I can pull stools up to it for my kitchen “helpers/mess makers.”

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