Kids Can Do {week 8}

*If you missed the Sunshine results post you can see it here*

The weather has been so nice here the past week.  I’ve had the windows open for days and it’s been marvelous.  We just sit here in the family room, or in the craft room and enjoy the breezes while we work/play.

Sometimes Abbi takes a break in her play to harass the occasional bug on the outside of the screen.  Have you been having nice weather? What have you guys been doing to enjoy it?

If you’re weather hasn’t been all that great and you’re stuck inside, this week’s theme will give you a few ideas of fun things to do with the kids inside.  Just like always the poll is in the sidebar and will be open until Friday night.  have a great week!


Craft #1 – Betty Matching Blocks – Amanda @ Simply Homemade


I have a darling, sweet little girl. You know what? She’s pretty darn loud at church. As soon as we get into our worship area, it’s like she has this innate desire to destroy with her voice/words the peaceful quiet loveliness that it is. EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I adore this kid, so in order to save her from herself, I made her some Betty’s. (she likes girly things) I used 3 super thin wood boards from Joann’s and each has two Bettys one on either side…..thumbs up for maximizing space!
I’m sort of obsessed with retro right now, so the Betty’s faces are all a little vintage looking.
{pst I totally used liquid eyeliner to paint their faces on….ha!}
The girly has already had tons of fun with them, but I’m crossing my fingers they serve their purpose this upcoming Sunday!





Craft #2 – Four-in-One Play Center – Wendy @ Craft Goodies

This theme had me stumped from the time I first saw the list of themes.
But now that I’ve got it done and behind me, this project is by far one of my favorites.
What started as “hey, I’ll make a puppet theater out of this old bookshelf” ended up as a four-in-one play center.


Everything swaps out so easily the kiddos can do it all by themselves! The theater curtains are held in place with velcro so they come off when the show is over and it’s time to set up the ice cream shop. The shop name signs are double sided–just give it a flip and you’ve got a new adventure and the icon signs hang with tied ribbon over a chunky knob. Just add your wares for the day to the dry erase board and your open for business!
As I mentioned, I used an old bookshelf as the base so everything stores neatly on the shelves.
My girls were so excited when they saw it, first thing they did was make a tip jar and plans for the weekend. Ahh, self-motivated entertainment–now that’s a “Kid Can Do” success in my book!

Craft #3 – Children’s Stationery Kit – Kimberly @ Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me

I love to craft with my kids!  One thing I’ve learned is that it’s always much easier, goes much more smoothly and involves less regret on my part if everything for the craft we’re doing is right at hand.  That’s why I love making my kids portable, easily carried, compact “craft kits” of various kinds.  Do have a hard time getting your kids to write thank you notes?  Do you have family or friends that live out of town or even across the country?  Do you’re kids like COLOR and FUN??  Then my most recent “kit” will be a hit with you, too!

Using an old book which I disassembled and covered in fabric, I’ve created a Children’s Stationery Kit.  It includes everything you need to write a little note and draw some cute pictures to be sent away to pen pals of all types!  I carved the erasers on the colored pencils into little shapes and created a mini stamp pad with sponges, fabric, paint and water enclosed in an old plastic hair band box (one of the compartments holds a blank sponge with water to clean the stamps on).  The colored pencils are sharpened on the other end so you can still draw with them – and even better, they’re erasable!  I included a spot for a small pencil sharpener and an eraser, and of course a stack of cute scalloped cards and envelopes.  Everything is held in place with simple elastic bands.  I created a pocket behind the pencils to carry all of the extras – stickers, postage and of course, a list of important addresses my kids will need.

It fits inside the book perfectly so the book can be closed and clasped with the elastic band and button closure on the outside.   Portable?  Check.  Compact?  Check.  Colorful and fun?  Check and check!

The kids will have a great time designing their own cards to send.  The stamps are carved into simple shapes that can be used for more than one thing – a circle for a sun or for the middle of a flower, a line for the rays of the sun or the stem, a teardrop for rain or the petals of a flower… There is also a leaf, heart, diamond, star, moon, smiley face, an “X” and an “O” and my child’s first initial (not shown).  When they are done drawing, writing, and stamping to their heart’s content, just use your trusty list of important addresses to fill out the envelop, add some stickers and postage and you’re all set!

I don’t know a better way to encourage writing thank you notes, staying in touch, and the ever important skill of written communication than to make it bright, colorful, fun and EASY!

Craft #4 – Doorway Puppet Theater – Angela @ The Wray Sisters

I had a hard time deciding how to approach this weeks theme. I didn’t know if I should make something for my child, or if I should get my child involved in the creation process. So I decided to do both. I made my child a doorway puppet theatre…

IMG_0853 copy

…and my child created the puppets. Although, I’ll admit that it took longer to make the puppets than it did to make the puppet theatre. I don’t have a child that is too into crafting or at least at an age where crafting can keep his attention for very long. It may have taken a lot of bribing in the form of letting him use as much tape as he wanted. He was pretty excited about that. So with a lot of tape and a lot of help placing the pieces on the puppets, we now have fun puppets for our fun puppet theatre. My child loves to play with the puppets. It was worth all of the effort it took to create them.

collage 1

Here is a closer look at the puppet theatre. I topped the theatre with a pleated awning. I also added a colorful bunting to the top of the window.

collage 2

Here is a look at the backside of the theatre. I added a pocket to hold all of the puppets. .

IMG_0886 copy

It is so fun to play with whether you are behind the curtain or just watching the show.

collage 4

We love our new puppet theatre!

IMG_0924 copy

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  1. Terri says

    WOW! How to decide? I LOVE THEM ALL THIS WEEK! I loved the switching fashion plates when I was a little girl, and these “Bettys” are quite beautiful! I WISH I had a cool puppet theatre like these two back then, and even today I’d love the stationary kit!