Kids Can Do Crafts {week 7}

*Sorry this is late everybody!  Apparently I need to review what “am” & “pm” mean.  I totally scheduled it for the wrong time!*

Well, here we are at another week.  And this one is a pretty important one.  But before I get into that, lets review the winner and who’s going home from last week.

Bessie @ Besserina pulled in the most votes with her Primitive Burlap Pumpkins.

I think those are totally adorable!  And burlap just seems so “fall” to me.

Although it was a tight race, we have to let Emily go this week.

I thought her Candy Corn Corn was really clever!  She has a bunch of other great stuff on her blog,  Nap Time Creations.  You should go check it out.  You won’t be disappointed 🙂

This week is a big one – we move from 4 crafters to 3.  This week determines who will go on to be able to win some fabulous prizes from our sponsors.

The theme this week is “Kids Can Do” and the poll will be open until Friday night.  Good luck ladies!

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Craft #1 – Fingerpainted Lyrics Art – Jessica @ Mad In Crafts

preschool helper collage
For this week’s challenge, I really wanted to get my preschooler involved.  The walls in my kids’ toy room were woefully bare, so this was a perfect time to change that!  I started with materials from the dollar store and added some of my 3 year old’s creativity and ended up with some lovely, sentimental pieces.
create a fingerpaint masterpiece
We took advantage of the last warm days of the season to get outside and get messy.  As we mixed the paints together, we talked about the color wheel and what colors combine to make different colors. He was so proud to have helped Momma with another one of her “projects.”
after stickers are removed
I chose the lyrics to “You Are My Sunshine” because they are words my parents sang to me, and that I sing to my children.  The typography allowed us time to reinforce letter recognition too!
lyrics collage
The warm and cool color palettes reinforce the meanings of the two lines of lyrics as well as providing a big dose of color to our toy room.
fingerpainted song lyric art
I like the unpolished, childlike look of the artwork, the sentiment of the lyrics, and the bright colors, but most of all, I love that my little guy and I made it together!

Craft #2 – Drive In Movie Night – Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane

I am so excited for this weeks theme!  I have been working so hard on my projects, it was fun to do a project with my kids.
With the weather getting colder, we decided to have a Drive In Movie Night!  I taught my kids the delicate art of dumpster diving, and we found some boxes to make cars!  My kids drew plans of what they wanted their cars to look like, I was amazed by their creativity!
A garbage truck surely would make a statement at a drive-in movie, at least my son thinks so.  My daughter made a school bus, and we decided to make my littlest daughter a love bug!  I thought my hubby and I deserved a night out on the town in style, so I made a limo for us!  My kids helped with the whole process, I even let them spray paint.
For dinner, chili in a bread bowl… car shaped of course!
What would a drive in movie be without snacks?  The kids helped make traffic light graham crackers, and little car treats!
Drive In Movie Night was a huge success!  
Bonus, the treat mess stays in the car box, and no fighting over the couch! This project took little money, and a lot of imagination! My kids are so proud of the cars they created, and treats they made!
It was fun doing a project kids can do!

Craft #3 – Little Bird Countdown Board – Celeste @ Celestial’s Creations

Everyone hates waiting for exciting things.  I hate waiting for packages to come in the mail, for the next book in a series to come out, and for my trigonometry homework to be finished.

For kids, it’s worse.  Kids wait for birthdays, play dates – even garbage day.  It seems they are always asking when something is going to happen…over and over.  It’s especially rough when they’re young enough to remember something is coming, but too young to have an understanding of days, weeks, and months.

A countdown board is a helpful way to help kids understand how much longer they have to wait for something.

And if you add a few other features, they can be quite versatile.

This Little Bird Board is a wall hanging that is also light enough to be used as a lap board.  Her body measures around 2 ft” wide.

Little bird’s body has 35 magnetic circles outlined with colorful embroidery. She also has a pocket for storing the number pieces.

The felt number pieces will stick to any of those magnetic spots.

Because her magnetic circles have been placed into seven columns, Little Bird has the possibility of becoming a calendar when her owner gets a bit older.

A few added math symbols let Little Bird be a fun way to practice some math facts.

Until then, we’ll probably just flip over the numbers and match the colors.


Craft #4 – Thank You Cards – Bessie @ Besserina

For the theme “Kids Can Do,” I helped my girlies make
sewn, handmade Thank You cards.
We just celebrated 3 of their birthdays so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for them to make some heartfelt creations for our loving family and friends.
The girls had so much fun designing, digging into my scrap bin, embellishing, and writing their cards.

          Using mama’s sewing machine was their favorite part!

Apple picking, a flower, a little girl with wool yarn braids, birdie resting in a tree, – all made from materials we already had: assorted fabrics, wool yarn & artists pens.
They turned out so cute, they’ve already made at least 10 more cards, each with a specific recipient in mind. 
Children love to please others, and who doesn’t love to get a special Thank You in the mail, especially if it’s handmade by two sweet little hands and one big heart. 🙂
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