Kids Can Do Challenge Results {Week 3}

Kids Can Do Challenge

What a great week. I’ve loved all of our competitors “kids can do” projects (there are a few I will be trying myself) and I am excited to share the results of this week’s voting.

Kids Can Do Challenge Results

The left side bar represents rank 1-10, so in this case the lower number signals a better result. Make sense? Good.

Kids Can Do Challenge Results {Week 3}You can see how close the voting is. The lead changed several times during the week and every single crafter was in first place at least once.

Crafter Reveal

SYTYC Kids Can Do Challenge

Kids Can Do Winner

Super-duper excited to announce the winner of this week’s Kids Can Do challenge is Melissa Delight, from Delighted, with her squirt gun curtains.

Squirt Gun CurtainsI have to tell you I think any kid would DIE to do something like this. I know my boys would LOVE it!  Come back on Tuesday to check out Melissa’s winning squirt gun curtain tutorial.

Saying Goodbye…

Of course, with excitement comes a little bit of sad. Today we have to say goodbye to Jesika, from Craft Geek. I’ve had fun browsing through Jesika’s site in the last week and thought I would share a few of my favorite projects.

Craft Geek1. Friendship bracelet headphones 2. Knapsack 3. Earring storage 4. Applesauce cookies with caramel frosting 5. Thrift store table upcycle

Come back on Wednesday, when we will be interviewing Jesika!

Next Week’s Challenge…

Come back next week to learn more about and view the Outdoor Challenge entries. You’ll love what you see…Perfect projects that you can still get in on before the end of summer!

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