Interview with Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff

1.Tell us a little about you and your blog.

My name is Shannon Staker I blog over at Shannon Makes Stuff. My blog is a place where I post my crafts, reviews, food recipes, pretty much anything that I’m interested in at the moment. As far as I go. I am almost turning thirty… and that’s a tough one. I have three boys, I’m expecting my fourth. I should find out pretty soon what it will be, but I’m certain no matter how much I want a girl, it’s going to be another boy:). I have always loved to craft and draw, it’s something that’s in my blood. And thankfully I found a man who puts up with it!

2. What season are you returning from and what was your favorite theme from that season?

I was in the second season, and my favorite theme had to have been RETRO week. Even though I didn’t win that week, I LOVED my record purse that I created!

3. What have you been up to since you last competed on SYTYC?

Oh wow! We’ve moved to three different states. Yack. My husband has graduated and finished school for life. Hurray, we are finally growing up! We have taken a real job and actually get a paycheck. Weird after taking on debt the last ten years! So we are slowly digging ourselves out now! I am expecting a baby!!! Really, so much has changed. EVERYTHING has changed. It’s safe to say. I’m in a much better place this time around!

4. What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people COULD know?

Oh dear. Hmm… I really don’t know. That I’m super cool, once you can get me out of my shell. If you meet me in real life, I tend to be really quiet until you get to know me… So just push my buttons… I’m in there… And It will be worth it… I promise. I don’t know why I get so shy…

5. Are you a morning or night person?

NIGHT. Hands down. Drives my husband crazy. I am way more productive and creative at night. It’s like super woman comes out… but lately. I’m neither morning or night… Not even day really. Being sick and pregnant is no fun at all. But, I’m getting there…
6. What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate Ice Cream. The darker, the better. Yum.

7. What is your favorite breakfast food?

Oh Yuck. I hate breakfast food, pregnant or not. I better go with the boring old Steel Cut Oats with Honey and Milk. It’s really the only thing I’ll eat. I HATE bacon, eggs, pancakes. I hate the smell of them even more!

8. What is your favorite thing to do (other than crafting)?

I love being outdoors. Hiking, Biking, Running. I haven’t been able to do it much because my kids don’t enjoy it and whine and that makes it no fun. But the older they get the better they are getting, so it’s happening more and more, and I have really missed it! I LOVE it!

*You can learn more about Shannon and see her SYTYC projects on her bio page*

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