Interview with June @ Creations by June

Hello!  I am June and I may or may  not have a slight crafting/sewing addiction!
I am so excited to be on So You Think Your Crafty!   I
started blogging  (CreationsByJune ) so my friends and family who live a distance away could see what up to and have found I really
enjoy it!   I also have an Etsy shop, same name, CreationsByJune and I have a little of this or that, right now, quite a few vintage
patterns, some pre made scrap books and of course purses and bags!

I have been creating various items since I was a kid and have never really stopped.  Now that
my boys are older, I have more time and have gotten back into sewing again.  I also love to re-
purpose items whether into something new or bringing back to their former glory.  I usually have
2-3 or more things going at once and try to work on something everyday… even if just for a little bit!
Many of my friends ask me where I get my ideas… I just look around whether it is the latest
catalog, sewing magazine, blog or of course pinterest!  I always end up changing it up and adding
my own little touch here and there.  Sometimes it looks like the original.. most of the time, sorta
kinda!  You know.. ” I have a shirt just like that, only it is a print and has a collar and long sleeves,
but just like yours”

My favorite medium changes all the time, right now I am really into sewing, I also love paper crafts.. and
then toss in  refinishing old furniture.. so a little of this and that.

Oooh guilty pleasures… I love frosting.. not the whip cream nastiness that some folks like, but the
sugar laden, thick frosting on cup cakes and regular cakes or just out of the can.  Cannot
resist…therefore, cannot have in my house!  On a daily basis, cannot live without my caffeine,
usually in the form of diet mountain dew, diet pepsi or coffee.

What makes me smile? My family and friends and good times spent together!  What makes me
laugh?  The silly German Shorthair Pointer that lives with me, she is about as odd as a dog can be!

In my spare time… (bahahahaha!) I have started exercising.  Trying to do the healthy over haul to
my life and get in better shape.

*You can learn more about June and see her SYTYC projects here*

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