Interview with Jamie @ Three Scoops of Love

1. Tell us a little bit about you and you’re blog.

Like me, my blog can be a bit scattered.  I feel most productive when I’m working on no less than three projects at once.  So, on any given day, you might find a new crafting project, a recipe, a kids’ craft, or a sewing disaster at Three Scoops of Love.  We built our dream home less than a year ago, so many of my posts are about our past building process and now all of the fun things that make a house a home.

2. How and when did you start crafting?

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t making something. I have unbelievably supportive parents and I never remember them telling me no (within reason, of course). My mom did a lot of woodworking, painting, and sewing when I was little and I was always included in her projects.  My parents’ tools and supplies were never off limits.  If I wanted to build a bookcase, they helped me to figure out a plan and make it happen.

3. How often do you craft?

Every. single. day.  It may just be a few minutes carved out, but I know that I must have a creative release to be the best mom and wife possible.  And yes, I count making mud pies with my kids as crafting.  It’s just another opportunity to expose them to a new medium.  🙂

4.  Where do you get your inspiration?

Lots of my inspiration comes from nature.  I have a great appreciation for the beauty of the world that God has created.  I am also inspired by the way that people solve problems.  If something can be functional as well as beautiful, it makes my heart sing.

5.  What’s your favorite medium to work in?

I really enjoy working with wood.  I prefer the natural, worn look of branches or logs.  I also love paint.  It is so versatile and has so many different applications.  When I pick my girls up from school, they often look at my hands to see what colors I’ve been using.

6.  What is your guilty pleasure?

McDonald’s Diet Coke.  It’s embarrassing when the drive-thru people recognize you.

7.  What makes you smile?

An unexpected hug or kiss from one of my girls, getting up before the rest of the house to watch the sun rise, a look on my husband’s face that I know is just for me, watching my parents have fun being grandparents, old hymns, dirty kids, my grandmas’ cooking, a clean house, and warm chocolate chip cookies.

8.  What is your favorite thing to do (other than crafting)?

I love cooking for my family.  We have a lot of fun trying out different recipes and new kinds of food.

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