Interview with Ann Marie @ White House Black Shutters

1. Tell us a little about you and your blog.

After doing a whole lot of thrifting to fill our home with stuff, I’ve made it my mission to simplify and only fill it with meaningful projects and décor that I absolutely love. Every project on my blog is one that means something to me, not something made for the sake of a blog post. I like repurposing and challenging yourself to look at items in a new way. I have three children under the age of four, so many of my posts have them in mind and I get them involved with cooking, crafting, decorating, and maybe even cleaning.



2. How and when did you start crafting?

My mom always had a craft for us at scouts and birthday parties growing up, so pretty much since I’ve been born. I took art classes in high school to release that creative energy. It took a backseat while pursuing a degree in math, but manifested in other forms (decorating, photo editing). As soon as we bought our home, Crafty Ann Marie was back!


3. How often do you craft?

I go in spurts, but at least once a day. I have a few projects hanging that I’ll chip away at here or there. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was diagnosed with crafting/DIY ADD.


4. Where do you get your inspiration?

My 75 year old home is a big inspiration of my vintage modern style. Garage sales, catalogs, other blogs, PINTEREST, colors.


5. What is your favorite medium to work in?

I don’t know that thrifted items are a “medium” so I’ll go with PAINT. Spray paint, latex paint, acrylic paint, I don’t discriminate and I love ‘em all.


6. What is your guilty pleasure?

A trip to Starbucks, I’ll take a caramel latte please!


7. What makes you smile?

Watching little kids figure things out on their own, hearing them talk, having them smile at you.



8. What is your favorite thing to do (other than crafting)?

That’s a tricky one! I feel like all of my extra time is spent on my blog. I like creating recipes from scratch, graphic design, playing with my kids, gardening, and hanging out with friends and family.

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