Interview with Angela @ Better After

1.Tell us a little about you and your blog.

Hi, I’m Angela! I’m a retired middle school teacher. Now I have the even cooler job of being a mother to an adorable 2 year old boy and a teeny tiny girl who will make her debut this June.

I blog over at Better Together with my two sisters. Since my sisters and I don’t live near each other, we started our blog in an effort to stay more connected. We have three very different hobbies and interests… crafting, cooking, and exercising. In an effort to learn from each other we created Better Together: A place where together we can inspire each other to try new things in hopes that we can be a little better everyday!

2.How and when did you start crafting?

I think I was a born crafter. I grew up sewing and doing cross stitch with my mother. Then I became a school teacher and my creativity shown through in decorating my classroom, and through fun class projects. Then once I become a mother it started to manifest in projects for the baby, the home, and in decorating for almost every holiday.

3.How often do you craft?

I try to complete at least one project a week.

4.Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration from everywhere… Walking down the street seeing someone with a cute purse or cute outfit. Or while perusing Anthropologie or their catalog. And of course now I find it all over pinterest.

5.What is your favorite medium to work in?

I love to sew!

6.What is your guilty pleasure?

Gummy bears 🙂 If it were possible to live just on gummy bears alone, I would be one happy woman.

7.What makes you smile?

My husband, my son, my daughter(coming this June), my sisters, a warm spring day, a good chick flick, chocolate, cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake 😉 And finishing a project that turns out even better than I imagined.

8.What is your favorite thing to do (other than crafting)?

Writing and traveling. I dream of one day writing a book while traveling through Europe.

Congratulations Angela on your 2nd place win!!

*You can learn more about Angela and see her season 11 projects on her bio page*

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