Heart Garland by Em @ Crap at Crafts {guest tutorial}

Now that the Turkey coma is slipping away (oh how I miss you Turkey Coma) I must turn my attentions to Christmas as all good crafters do. I’m going to try not to Christmas overdose and stick to maybe one Christmas Craft a week. However, Im determined to add some groovy hand made ornaments to the tree this year so I might get out of control.
So this one is easy. I had little wooden hearts with holes in
Althought, I’m sure it would work just as well with cut out heart shapes of card. In fact, the easiest peasiest version might be to cut heart shapes out of old Christmas cards (actually thats such a cute idea, why didn’t I do that!!!)
Anyway, I painted my little ones white and my large ones red.
There was method to my madness, honest. Well, not so much method as reason. You see I needed opposite colored buttons (red for the white hearts, white for the red hearts) and I only had a few red buttons in my jar. In fact the garland was supposed to be longer but I was prohibited by lack of buttons and a sense that its against the spirit of the thing to go out and buy buttons to finish the project.
So, then I cut little shapes out of Christmas paper and added fake stitches and letters with a red felt tip (I’m classy like that, no fear of the felt tip, thats me) and glued the little shapes on. Then this is where the buttons come in.
You string your bunting thread and go up through the back of each heart, through one of the button holes, out an opposite hole and back through the hole in your heart. It makes them lie nice and flat.
There you have it, ten minute project if a) you have enough buttons and b) you don’t get tangled up in your own string and end up getting all annoyed and flounce off and sulk and then come back and do it properly (in which case it takes 15 minutes).
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  1. abbi says

    This is so cute! And easy enough to do with my kids, love it!!

    Thanks, Missy, for picking good competitors.