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Remember the awesome shop I spotlighted on Monday?  Well, Catherine (from Avery & Winslow) wanted to give you all a little tutorial.  I love it!  Thanks Catherine!


I showed up to my first yoga class thinking that I had remembered everything I needed. And, technically, I had. Mat? Check! Water? Check! Towel? Check!

Nobody mentioned a comfortable headband. As I rolled on my side to “relax”, my plastic comb style headband pinched behind my ear and dug into my scalp. I felt like sticking a “no plastic headbands allowed” sign on the door to the studio.

I checked out all the gals with their cute, comfy looking cotton headbands and decided to make one for myself. They looked simple enough.

Oh boy. This is the “I have a head cold and don’t want to shower or change out of my cozy sweatshirt…crap, nobody’s here to take my picture” photo. Be kind.

It took me under thirty minutes to make…and that was while taking notes about the construction. I bet you could make one in 15 minutes. Actually, I challenge you. 😉

You need:
a large fabric scrap (or fat quarter)
iron & ironing board
sewing machine & thread
rotary cutter (or scissors)
2-6″ of 1″ elastic
Let’s get started!
Please note that the measurements here work for my head (which is BIG). You might need to change the measurement to suit your own noggin.
Cut a 5″ x 21″ fabric rectangle.

Choose one side. Fold 1/4″ and press. Fold another 1/4″ and press.

Stitch down the center of your fold.

Repeat the “fold, press, & stitch” on all sides.

This rectangle is the top of your headband. Put it on your head and measure the gap between the ends. Cut a piece of elastic to that length. (My sizable noggin had a 4″ gap, so I cut a 4″ piece of elastic.)
Now, let’s make a tube for your elastic. Cut two rectangles measuring 2 inches wide and 3 inches longer than your elastic (my length was 7″).
With right sides together, use a 1/4″ seam on each long side.
Turn your tube right side out and press. Feed the elastic into the tube

Pin the fabric ends to the ends of your elastic (with excess fabric gathered in the middle).

Stitch along each short edge (where you have pinned). I stitched the full length and then reversed back over my seam for added security.

Lay your large rectangle down with the wrong side facing up. Put your elastic tube in the rectangle, overlapping a bit.

Fold each side of the large rectangle over the elastic band and pin.

Stitch over the folds to attach the rectangle to the elastic. Once again, I did a full stitch and then reversed back over the seam.

To complete the headband, set the large rectangle down with the wrong side facing up again. Set the other end of the elastic inside the rectangle, fold, and stitch. Before stitching, make sure that your headband is a full loop that is not twisted.

Size the measurements down for a cute little girl’s headband. Change the width of the starting rectangle for a more narrow headband or an even wider version. Switch up the material or start with a muslin and stamp your own message in permanent ink.
Most importantly, have fun!

Thanks so much, Missy, for having me on your blog today!
♥ Cath

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