Hardware Store {week 6}

Abi and I are still visiting family and waiting for a big phone call (that you’ll find out more about later this afternoon).  We’ve been having fun, but mostly getting some last minute things together.  So that added up to be another crazy week and a neglect of a results post.  I don’t want you to miss out, though, so here you go.

And the crafter/project match up:

#1 – Pottery Barn Knock-Off – Hannah @ Young & Crafty
#2 -Trim The Tree Pillow Knock Off – Jamie @ Three Scoops of Love
#3 – J. Crew Fall Knock-Off – Autumn @ It’s Always Autumn
#4 – Ralph Lauren Knockoff – Jessica @ The Domestic Fruit Loop

That puts Autumn as the winner this week. 

That outfit is totally adorable.  She’ll have a tutorial ready in the next few days so we can try our hands at the knock-off as well.

But we have to say good bye to Jessica @ The Domestic Fruit Loop 

I always hate saying goodbye.  You all are so talented!  Be sure to keep up with the talents of Jessica on her blog to see what other great things she has up her sleeve.

This weeks theme is one that I always like to see – Hardware Store.  I love to see what things people can create from the random stuff in one of my favorite type of stores.  The poll will be in the sidebar until Thursday night.

Craft #1 – Wind Turbine Light Fixture – Jamie @ Three Scoops of Love


I was pretty excited about this week’s challenge.  Lowe’s is my absolute favorite store, followed by Home Depot for a close second.  It’s so fun to walk around the aisles and try to see a new use for all of those supplies.

I had seen vintage turbine fans turned into light fixtures on some pricey websites.  All that I had seen were well over a couple hundred dollars.  I loved the look, but couldn’t justify the price.  I needed a light fixture for my craft studio and I had a feeling I could DIY my own version.

A trip to Lowe’s landed me a $35 wind turbine and a pendant fixture kit.  After some elbow grease for the removal of the “extra” parts on the fan, I was able to attach the pendant fixture to make it functional.  I gave the whole thing a couple coats of oil rubbed bronze spray paint to finish it off.

You should see it with the light on in the dark.  It casts a really pretty design on the ceiling. It’s definitely a conversation piece!  Everyone who sees it wants to know more about it.

Craft #2 – No Sew Drop Cloth Fabrics – Hannah @ Young & Crafty

No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains
I know that these drop cloth curtains aren’t what you would typically think about getting from the hardware store.They are made from a canvas drop cloth used for painting. I grabbed a 6×9 ft. drop cloth and cut it in half. I then hot glued the rough edges and the top for the rod to go through. Next, I grabbed some painters tape and tapped the design I wanted to use. These were so simple and easy that anyone could do it!
Drop cloth curtains collage

Craft #3 – Stuffed Animal Swing – Autumn @ It’s Always Autumn

My kids were out of school for fall break last week so I wanted to find a way to involve them in my project for the hardware store challenge. We’ve been talking (for ages!) about finding some sort of solution for the huge pile of stuffed animals that is always sprawling across their bedroom floor. I’ve looked at all sorts of commercial products, but they’re all either too expensive, not workable for the boys’ room, or just plain ugly. As I racked my brain I had this image of a couple teddy bears sitting together on a porch swing, and I finally figured out what we should do.

The kids and I made a trip to Home Depot and came home with everything we needed to put together an animal storage system that would hang from their ceiling. The design is simple, which means it came together quickly and the kids were able to help with all parts of the process – from sanding the wood to drilling holes, threading rope and tying the entire swing together. My oldest son even taught me some knots he’s been learning in scouts.

We found studs in the ceiling and screwed in a couple of hooks, then hung our completed contraption. Each of the three boys chose a shelf and then had a great time lining up their favorite animals. Eight Build-a-Bear size animals fit comfortably on each shelf, with a some extra room to tuck in smaller toys. We’ve decided they can keep as many animals as will fit on their shelf, which will make it easy to figure out when it’s time to donate or pack away older bears.

The storage system is made from 1/4 inch thick pieces of wood, making it incredibly lightweight. I used pre-cut hobby wood which made it a little more expensive, but if you used a 2×4 handy panel of luan plywood and had wood glue on hand you could build the entire three-level system for under $15.

My favorite part is that it hangs above the floor which means we can vaccuum beneath it easily. I’m not sure I’d install one of these in a toddler’s bedroom (the temptation to sit on it might be too strong to resist), but for older kids like mine who may not play with their animals as much as they used to but aren’t ready to give them up, this is a perfect solution!

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