Hardware Store Crafts {week 9}

*If you missed Kids Can Do challenge results you can find it here.*

Hey guys!  I thought I had this scheduled for yesterday, but apparently I can’t read a calender.  I’m sorry about that! But better late than never, right?

Happy Memorial Day!  Do any of you have some awesome plans for the day?  On Saturday we started the Freedom Trail in Boston.  We only made it half way through the sites before there was a toddler breakdown.

Abbi in front of the USS Constitution

Today I’m thinking we’ll try to finish up the second half.  I’m sure we’ll hit up the hardware store.  I love me some Memorial Day sales and I’ve got a lot of projects on my list.  And I have a few more after seeing the projects this week.

Like always, the poll is in the sidebar and will be open until Friday night.

Craft #1 – Pretty Poppy Painting – Amanda @ Simply Handmade

I {heart} the hardware store. My husband and I’s finest dates always end with a gander around Home Depot. As fun as it is to spend loads, I wanted to go cheap this go around. It’s easy to spend buckets of coin at the hardware store and create something fantastic, but how easy is it to spend almost nothing and still end up with something grand? My venture this week was to spend as little money as possible at the hardware store and still make a useful lovely for my home. Paint stirring sticks are free…..FREE! I got some funny looks when I asked for 12, but I didn’t really care. Then I found a lovely vintage botanical clipart (for free!!) and hand painted the image onto my paint sticks. It may have been my thriftiest trip to Home Depot!




Craft #2 – Folding Camp Chairs – Wendy @ Craft Goodies

We are officially in our last week of school–summer vacation and all it’s glory is almost here!!!
And this week’s theme fit in perfectly with the plans we have made…


Aren’t these perfect for a camp out? Or a parade, ballgame, picnic, beach trip? Yes! To all of the above. They were so fun to make, and yes, I found everything at my favorite little boutique. Maybe you’ve heard of it–Lowe’s.


I hit the lumber, hardware, and paint aisles to collect 1×2’s, bolts, paint and a canvas drop cloth.
And together they became these awesome folding stools that my girls are mad over! They are so easy to fold up, carry, and then set up again that we can take them everywhere.

I’m thinking it’s going to be a great summer!

Craft #3 – Wire Baskets – Angela @ Better Together

With some chicken wire, hardware cloth, and a drop cloth I created wire baskets with liners.

IMG_1026 copy

I first made a shoe basket using the hardware cloth wire. This basket measures 24 x 20 x 8 inches. It is nice and big. It holds our shoes by the front door.

IMG_0998 copy

IMG_1008 copy

Then I made 4 smaller baskets using the chicken wire. These baskets fit nicely into the shelves on our desk.


For a final touch to each basket, I added a wooden tag which I painted in chalkboard paint. The numbers can easily be erased if I choose to write more specifically about what each basket contains.

IMG_0976 copy

These baskets are a great way to stay organized, and a great way to hide all of my clutter.


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