Hardware Store Crafts {week 8}

Can you believe we’re already down to our top three crafters?!  This season has been cruising by.

Last week Jessica @ Mad In Crafts pulled in a win with her awesome Fingerpainted Lyrics Art.

Isn’t that a fun idea!  You could do it with the words of your favorite song or quote. I love it!

But we had to say goodbye to Celeste @ Celestial’s Creations.  Her Little Bird Countdown didn’t quite make the cut.

Celeste has been a favorite all season and it’s really hard to say goodbye to her.  Make sure you stop by her blog, Celestial’s Creations, and check out all the fun stuff she’s got going on over there.  You won’t regret it 🙂

Now that we’re down to 3, the person going home this week is going to be receiving some awesome swag:

a Rose Garden Puff Stitch Beanie & a Lucy Rose PDF Pattern from Cherished Bliss & a pair of ornaments from Belle Adore!

I started Cherished Bliss because I have always loved photography. I wanted to be able to provide beautiful quality photo props to photographers everywhere. I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful children. They keep my busy and working hard! I started a blog in January to document all the things I make for my children and I have fallen in love with it! I host a weekly link party, Craft and Tell, where you can come link up all the things you have been creating!

Belle Adore was created as a means to share fun and interesting products with people who value hand-made items. Appreciating and embracing the Eco-friendly, Belle Adore strives to blend the earth-friendly and hand-crafted to create products that not only function well but are beautiful too. Belle Adore was established in 2005 by Christine Klein. Christine began sewing and crafting as a young child and was inspired by friends and family who shared a love for creating useful products at home. Belle Adore Boutique is an imagination inspired, one-stop-shop for unique handmade gifts. Belle Adore Boutique enjoys participating in local indie craft shows in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties in South Florida.

This week is a fun one…the crafters had to use items from the Hardware store.  Good luck ladies!

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Craft #1 – Whimsical Metal Wreath by Bessie @ Besserina

We have the most amazing hardware store! I love it, I could spend {have spent} hours in there!
I chose to make a wreath out of chimney pipe, with “flowers” made from all sorts of odds and ends in the hardware department.  Wire wheels, light blubs, copper wire, screws, mirror flowers, springs, drop cloth canvas, some other things that I don’t even know what they are called…

Even though it’s made of hard, harsh objects, it looks pretty and feminine. It’s hanging on my porch door and is so whimsical and fun! {Who would have thought chimney pipe and screws could be cute?!}

Craft #2 – Wood Floor Makeover by Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane

In 1913, cheese cost 17 cents a pound, a Hershey Bar set you back 3 cents, the zipper was invented, McDonald’s did not exist, and my house was built.
When we purchased our home in 2005, it had new carpet in the dinning room.  It served us well until babies 1…2…. and 3 came along, then we knew we NEEDED a change.  Hidden under the Koolaid sodden carpet, was a hard wood floor nearly a century old.
We pulled up the carpet to find a well worn pine floor.  The floor was varnished two feet around the perimeter of the room, the center of the floor had never been varnished.  Originally the center of the floor probably had carpet. Where the floor was varnished it well preserved, and the wood was light. However, in the center, the wood was dark because it had not been preserved.
We knew it was time to head to one of my favorite places… the hardware store!
Hardware Store Items Used
      Large belt sander rental
      Sandpaper for the belt sander
      Sandpaper for our palm sander
      Fine grit hand sandpaper
      Painters tape
      High quality paint brushes
      Plastic doorway coverings
      Oil based paint
We decided to paint a diamond pattern on the floor.  This process involved a lot of math, you can tell your teenager, YES you might just use the Pythagorean theorem someday!  The diamond pattern disguises the dark light contrast around the perimeter of the room (see tape picture above).  Additionally, it defines the dining room space from the adjoining family room.  Not to mention it helps create the funky vintage soda fountain look I am going for!

This project was a lot of work, but I LOVE how it turned out!  This floor has personality, lots of character, and it is easy to clean!  The cost of the floor was $311.73, or $1.39 per square foot.

Oh the stories this old wood floor could tell!

Craft #3 – Faux Bois Mirrors by Jessica @ Mad In Crafts

faux bois mirrors in living room cross process
We have had a bare spot over our couch since we moved in.  I didn’t want to hang anything too visually “heavy” there because our curtained windows already take up a lot of visual space.  Mirrors were perfect for the spot, but I wanted to add a pattern to them to warm them up.  The hardware store is a great place to find mirrors of all shapes and sizes, at almost any price point.  Plus, you can find the necessary hardware to hang them right in the same store!
pattern detail
What I didn’t consider when I was coming up with this project design was how difficult it was going to be to photograph the mirrors!  😛  I decided to apply a faux bois (fake wood) pattern for a few reasons: 1) I love it SO much, 2) it matches nicely with the other botanical elements in my living room, and 3) it is very simple to do!
faux bois mirror detail
I love the contrast of the sleek, frameless mirrors and the nature-inspired faux bois pattern.  With the technique I used to create the pattern, you could easily swap the faux bois for animal print, stripes, chevron, whatever you like best!
faux bois mirrors hung
The mirrors have a custom look to them, which is always good.  Plus, they are useful for checking to see if I have any food in my teeth on my way out the door!
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  1. Caroline says

    Can you give a link that will take me to the bird countdown. I tried both if the new in this post and couldn’t find it anywhere. I love it and would love to make something similar if there is a tutorial or even a supply/cost list. Thank you!

    • Missy says


      Wasn’t that countdown so cute! Since Celeste wasn’t the winner of this week, she wasn’t required to turn in a tutorial or anything to SYTYC. I checked out her blog, http://celestialscreations.blogspot.com and I couldn’t find it there either, but you’re more than welcome to try emailing her.

      Sorry I’m not more help!