Halloween Challenge, Season 17

We kicked off the week yesterday with our annual Halloween dinner…The kids have been talking about Halloween and trick-or-treating for a couple weeks now, but it always kicks up a notch around this time of the month.

We still have quite a few traditions that we’ve yet to complete – we’ve got a few movies to watch (The Great Pumpkin, Goonies and Indiana Jones), a few treats to make and eat (caramel apples, caramel corn and donuts) and a whole lot of spooking to do.

Yes. I said spooking. With three boys and a dad who’s assured them Halloween is for scary, not cute, there’s always a whole lot of creepy going on.

I think our competitors have a much softer approach to Halloween. A bit more sweet and a bit more fun. Please take the time to take a look at their projects and vote.

Remember, this is the last week before we head in to our finals. You are picking the two competitors who will compete in our final round to be CHAMPION!

Halloween Challenge

Project #1 Costume Themed Trick-or-Treat Bags

Ahhhhhh- this is getting so crazy!!!  Only two more rounds! Oh my gosh this has been so much fun but so crazy. 10 weeks of straight painting, sawing, nailing, cutting, glue gunning, and even a little sewing cough cough…  So here is the last project till the finale I soooo hope you love them…

I made THREE COSTUME THEMED TUTU TRICK OR TREAT BAGS for three different costumes.  The first is for a Pink Lady Costume, the second a Minion Costume and last a Leopard Costume…

First off here is the PINK LADY….

Halloween Trick or Treat BagI am not going to show you all the steps because with three of these it didn’t leave me much room to showcase many pictures.   Basically I made the tutu, pinned it on then carefully sewed it on.  That was not the fun part.  Then I made the bows and embellishments and hot glued them on to the bags.  The kids think they are soooo cool.

Trick or Treat BagsI hope I make it through to the next round I found an amazing furniture piece on Craig’s List for $25- wait till you see what  I am going to do with it!!  PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!  Thank you so much!!!!

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags


Project #2 Monster Bowling Set

I am so excited to have made it all the way to this Halloween challenge, especially because I love Halloween!  It is one of my favorite holidays, which is funny because I really hate being scared.  I am not into the spooky or gory Halloween things, so for my Halloween themed craft I wanted to make something more cute than scary, something that wouldn’t give me my kids nightmares. I came up with this cute Halloween themed bowling game.

Monster BowlingThe set is made out of fleece fabric.  I sewed up the oversized monster shaped bowling pins, and then I had a blast decorating their little faces.  The fun thing about designing monsters is anything goes, stripes, spots, one eye, three eyes, horns, hair, fangs, anything you can imagine!  The monsters stand about 14” tall. Then I made a fleece ball to roll at them and decorated it to look like a jack-o-lantern.

Monster BowlingMy kids have already gotten hours of play from this set (even my husband and I have been getting in on the bowling action!)  This game would be really fun at a kids Halloween party. I think we will keep these little guys out all year long!

Monster Bowling


Project #3 Lighted Haunted House

When your kiddos are too little to go to a Haunted House, why not create one of your own!

Haunted House

A few layers of foam board with hand cut and pieced paper details create a one of a kind 3-D Haunted House.  Bonus…It’s a light!  Lit from behind, it creates a fun piece of piece of Halloween art little ones are sure to enjoy for years to come.

Haunted HouseSo excited about how this turned out and what an impact it makes in my Spooky Halloween décor!

Haunted House


This is the last week before our final round. Only two of our competitors will be advancing, so please be sure to VOTE!

SYTYC Halloween Challenge


Please vote for your favorite project. Voting will be open through Thursday, October 24, at 5 p.m. MST.

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