Game Day – Week 5 (with results)

You may have noticed that last week started out a little stressful for me, what with my web host losing everything that I had done over the weekend (which was a lot since I had played catchup and pre-scheduled a bunch over those few days), but I was able to type everything up real fast and get it all back to normal so the rest of the week worked out perfect!  We even had an almost record breaking amount of votes!

Becky was our winner with her adorable Knit Jammies.  I’m going to be looking for cute button-up sweaters every time I go to the thrift store now.

But we have to say farewell to Lisa.  Wasn’t her Coat Turned Laptop Pillow so cute, though?  Be sure to check out all her past and up-coming craft adventures on her blog Crafting My Way Through Life.

This week, what with the Super Bowl in a few days, I thought we’d go in a direction women craft bloggers don’t usually go…sports.  I love what they all came up with for this weeks Game Day theme.

And just as a reminder, here is a list of those still competing this season (in no particular order):

Becky @ Corduroys Closet
Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom
Meredith @ My Magic Mom
Ashlee @ I’m Topsy Turvy
Amy @ Positively Splendid
Nicole @ Cole’s Corner & Creations

Craft #1 – Football Jersey Koozies – Amy @ Positively Splendid

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, I am sure many of us are in full party-planning mode. If you’ve been on the lookout for fun yet useful ways to punch up your party decor, these little guys might need to make your party prep list!

Constructed of foam lining to keep beverages cold and then an upper layer of felt, these koozies are outfitted with vinyl numbering so guests can be sure to keep their drinks straight from kickoff until the last ticks of the game clock.

Each is intended to perfectly accommodate a 12-ounce bottle, but I designed them with the smallest party-goers in mind, as well. Can you imagine the glee of your kiddos when they see that these will slip easily over their very own sippy cups? What a fun idea for a children’s sports-themed birthday party!

Craft #2 – Family Game Day – Ashley @ I’m Topsy Turvy

I am brilliant! I really am, for example: I was smart enough (or lucky enough depending on how you feel about it) to marry a man who doesn’t care about, or like, football. SOOO that means I never have to watch football! In fact I appreciate and enjoy a good football game WAY more than my engineering husband! So for this “game day” theme I decided to take my own twist on it and share one of our favorite family activities. Family game night! We have our Family game night on Thursdays, and we LOVE board games. Seriously love them. My book collection is the only thing that takes up more shelving space than our game collection. But as we have young and old children being inside all week long during the winter then sitting to play board games makes for the evening tends to not go as well. So we’ve been trying to come up with more active based games.

full size candy land game gingerbread men

I created a life size Candy Land Game!!! Not only will it be fun inside in the winter (the kids already love it) BUT we’ll be able to use it outdoor during the spring, summer and fall as well! To make the board flexible I made individual colored squares for the game board. Each time we play the game it will be a bit different and can easily be moved to various locations. In the spirit of the original game I made 4 colored gingerbread men for our game players to wear. I haven’t decided if I want them to be badges for the players to wear, or maybe turn them into necklaces.

full size candy land game spinner

Instead of a ton of cards I decided to make a spinner, we won’t have to worry about losing them (like our copy of the original board game). AND, let’s face it, a spinner is SOOO much fun!!! On the spinner we also have a spot for doubles, the “go two times”, to make up for the cards with two spot colors on it! I also have a pink section on th spinner. And of course we have our pink locations!!! Our locations are from the original game. Candy Hearts, Peanut Brittle, Peppermint, Lollipops, Ice Cream, and Gumdrops! To mark the location I made super huge images of each location that can double as yard stakes for our outdoor version! There’s a pink wedge on the spinner and to pick the location I made super large cards to pick from!

full size candy land game yard stakes

Craft #3 – Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Apron – Nicole @ Cole’s Corner & Creations

You know where I’ll be on Super Bowl Sunday?
In. The. Kitchen.

Yes- I could really care less about watching the game, but it will be fun to cook all day for the boys.

That means my girls and I need aprons to wear and what could be better than a apron fashioned after America’s Sweethearts- the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!

With sparkly sequins and satin binding, this apron is sure to be a favorite!

Yeah… I know the Cowboys didn’t make it to the Superbowl this year, but there’s always hope for next year!

Want to make one for yourself, your girlfriend, or your little girl?
Vote for me!

Craft #4 – Stadium Seat Cushion – Meredith @ My Magic Mom

For game week, I decided to make a stadium seat. Nothing worse than sitting on some cold (or hot!), hard bleachers to watch your child’s game. Going to a college or professional game can be just as bad with the hard plastic stadium seats. Taking along your own cushion can help you keep your focus on the game and off your sore bum.

The handy pocket on the back can hold whatever you need. Well, probably not everything, but you can put a player roster, your keys and various items like that. If you are in a giving mood, you can lay the cushion out flat and share the seat with someone else.

On the way to and from the game, the seat slips over your shoulder to keep your hands free. You can customize this seat to suit your style and needs.

Craft #5 – The 2 Point Conversion Onesie – Becky @ Corduroys Closet

If you’re like me then you could go for either team this year in the Superbowl.
I’ve decided that I am going to start out rooting for the Pittsburgh. But is it so wrong to switch if the other team gets ahead? I’ve decided to plan ahead for just this situation.
Ready to cheer on either team, this is a 2 in one-sie. HA! Get it?
The front of the onesie is all Steelers. And because I have been spending way too much time playing with toys lately, this onesie comes with accessories. A terrible towel is attached to a wristband so that when your little one waves their arms the towel goes flying.
But if I decide to change sides I can just flip my baby over, just like my allegiance.
Now I am ready to root for the other team, cheesehead and all!
Tutorial will include how to applique, which is super simple and technically you don’t need a sewing machine to do, (although it looks nicer), how to make a towel wristband, and how to make a slice of cheese with tips on how to attach to your guy so he still looks manly.

Craft #6 – Game Day Gym Bag – Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom

I come from a real sports family. Growing up we were on the field, on the court, in our backyard and watching it on tv. My Mom spent her days chauffeuring kids from one sport to another. I was always in search of a bag big enough for all the stuff I had to haul. I wanted a separate place to keep my shoes, a way to “hide” my clothes, and enough pockets to organize all the little things I liked to keep on hand. Every bag I got fell short of my expectations.

As an adult I don’t have the time to play organized sports anymore, but I do still love getting to the gym for some alone time. And I finally have the bag I always wanted! It’s full of pockets, a lined, zippered pocket for keeping keys, phones, and other important items from getting lost, and all the room you’ll need for your game day possessions. I made coordinating bags to store my shoes and clothes so I no longer have to worry about exposing all the funk on my shoes to the rest of my bag or dropping my sports bra on the ground as I dig for my keys. As an added bonus, I can toss the bags in the wash when they start to stink, saving my whole bag from that sporty aroma!

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  1. says That little Cheesehead is TOO CUTE. The life-sized CandyLand game made me get all giddy. Going to be another tough choice this week…

  2. says

    They are all great, as usual. I have a house of Steelers’ fans so I may be partial this time. I have a story on the terrible towel. My son’s girlfriend got my husband one for Christmas. She went to the store and asked where the “dirty” towels were. The clerk just kinds of stared at her. She said, “Yeah, you know, that towel you wave around for football.” “Ooohhh, you mean a terrible towel?”, he said. She will never live that one down.

  3. says

    The Game Day Gym Bag is just soooo gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to be seen with it over their shoulder – well maybe the guys I suppose. Great work everyone.

  4. Carrie says

    Those Koozies are priceless! And convertible for the kiddos too! Adorable! Great craft for this theme!

  5. Judy says

    I can’t believe the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader apron lost. It actually had to do with FOOTBALL, which a couple crafts did not. I mean even if you don’t like football that was still the challenge! AND it was completely creative and showed skills. Not fair!!