Flour Sack Outfit Tutorial

*Tutorial made by Bessie @  for the Dollar Store challenge*

Hi! I’m Bessie, and I’m so excited to share how I created this cute little outfit! It will fit size 2T-4T,  however could certainly adjust the measurements for a younger or older child.
You will need:
3 Flour Sack Dish Towels
 {dollar store, 3/$1.00}
1 yd Twill tape or ribbon
Fabric Scraps
{I used wool, denim, felt and quilters cotton}
Embroidery floss
1 pair of jeans 
Sewing Supplies
1. Wash, dry and press dish towels before you start.  They are 100% cotton and will shrink up a bit. 
2. Cut two of the towels into 22″ x 19″ pieces.
Cut the 3rd towel into long strips 2 inches wide.
3. Stack the two  22″ x 19″ pieces and fold them in half lengthwise. On the outside -not the folded side – measure 2 inches in, and 4 inches down. Connect these points to create a “J”shape.  Cut. These will be your arm holes. 
4. Sew down the sides of the dress, and hem around the bottom edge. Roll under and stitch a thin hem around each of the arm holes.  Along the top edge of the front and back,  sew a 1 inch casing which you will thread your ribbon or twill tape through later.
Turn the dress right side out, sit aside.
5. On your sewing machine, sew a gathering stitch down the center of each long strip.  Pull the bottom threads to gather up the strips. Or use a gathering foot if you have one, it saves alot of time!
6. Pin the ruffled strips in two rows around the bottom of the dress.  Stitch.
7. Pin and stitch one row of ruffles along the bottom edge of the jeans.
8. To embellish the dress, I just doodled some branches, a bird shape, some circles for flowers and leaves.  I planned giving you a template to download with my images, but I’m having some trouble setting that up 🙂 I’ll see if we can update this as soon as I figure it out!

So use your imagination for the time being, and draw some simple shapes and cut them out of scrap fabric.  Machine and handstitch  around the appliques – I just leave the edges raw, they look cute when frayed a bit!
9. Finally, just thread through a piece of twill tape or ribbon through the front and back casings, gather it up and tie the shoulders. 

Thanks so much for voting for my project in Week 1!
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