Finger-painted Lyrics Art Tutorial

*Tutorial by Jessica @ Mad in Crafts for her win during the Kids Can Do challenge*
I was preparing myself to go home this week, I really was.  I figured this was a project that was so sentimental to me, that it probably wasn’t going to be something that other people really liked.  Thank you so much for proving me wrong!
fingerpainted song lyric art
For this week’s challenge, I really wanted to get my preschooler involved.  The walls in my kids’ toy room were woefully bare, so this was a perfect time to change that!  I started with materials from the dollar store and added some of my 3 year old’s creativity and ended up with some lovely, sentimental pieces.
dollar store posterboard and paints
To make Fingerpainted Song Lyric Art, you will need:
2 foam boards
a package of finger paints
several packages of alphabet wall clings
white spray paint
construction paper in primary and secondary colors
scrapbook punch or hole punch
With the exception of the spray paint, I bought everything for this project at the dollar store!  It’s one of my favorite resources for crafting materials because I really need to get my creative juices flowing to see their potential.  Obviously you can buy these same materials at a craft or grocery store too.
finger paint warm colors
My three-year-old and I headed to the backyard to start the project.  I mixed a bit of the red and yellow paints together so that we had all the warm primary and secondary colors to work with on the first foam board.
paint entire board
We had a lot of fun watching the colors mix together, seeing how we could create different patterns with our fingers, and generally making a big mess.
fingerpainting in cool colors
Once we finished the first foam board, we did it all over again with the cool colors on the second board.  We left the boards outside to dry and went inside for some lunch.
add lyrics in dollar store wall decals
I snuck down during nap time and applied the song lyrics using the alphabet wall clings.  It is CRUCIAL to the project that you use removable wall clings and NOT stickers!  Sorry if the pink leopard print combined with the finger paint is giving you a migraine.
cover paint and stickers with spray paint
After I applied the wall clings to both boards, I sprayed each piece with white spray paint.  I used really cheap spray paint, so the coverage was pretty awful.  As it turned out, I kind of like the foggy look of the paint (the lyrics do refer to weather, after all), but if you want full coverage, don’t skimp on the paint.
peel off stickers
After the spray paint dried, my son and I carefully peeled off the wall clings, naming each letter as we went.  Since I used wall clings, not stickers, they peeled right off with no damage to the paint job underneath!
add punched paper confetti
I punched confetti out of construction paper in the primary and secondary colors.  I took a glue roller and sketched out a sun on the first board and a cloud on the second board.  My son sprinkled the confetti on each, and then we shook off the excess.
you are my sunshine
you make me happy when skies are gray
I mounted the foam board to the wall of my children’s play room with removable poster strips.
My son loves to point out the project he made with mommy whenever guests come over to the house.  The lyrics to “You Are My Sunshine” are very sentimental to me, but of course this project could be done with any song that is special to you and your kids!
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  1. says

    So CUTE! My Daughter’s Name means “sunshine and happiness” so we love this song too! I love the cloudy look too! It is perfect for these lyrics!