Felted Yarn Cards

*Project by Kailyn @  Kailyn’s Bit of Sunshine*

I decided to go about the yarn challenge with a twist. Literally. I decided to try my hand at felting. I figured I could do small testers and see what worked. They all turned out so fun and funky, I decided I needed to use them all.

What better way than to make some funky original cards.

I started with dyed wools and book on felting. I also incorporated wool yarn into the mix. When they were finished felting. I did some beading on a few of them.

For the red card, I used red wool and layered it in two directions. On top of that I used small pieces of orange wool that I laid vertical and horizontal in a criss cross pattern. Next I used the wool yarn and made a spiral in the middle on top of that. To finish it I took lime green wool and laid it in a star pattern. Then felted them all together. Then I did some embroidery and beading on it. Lastly, I glued it on the card.

For the blu card I used a multi colored wool for the base. I used yarn to create the flower and the spiral , and wool for the stems and the leaves. After felting it I had to cut some of the pattern to fit the card. I did a little beading to finish it off.

For the orange and blue woven card, I did just that. I hand wove together the wool yarns. I then added two spirals of the wool yarn. After felting it I added two beads in the middle of the spirals.
The fish card I made was the last card. I decided to try needle felting and used scraps from the blue cards felt for the bottom of the card. I think these will be very fun to send. Because I went small they were not difficult to make.

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