Faux Bois Mirrors

*Project by Jessica @ Mad In Crafts for the season 9 Hardware Store challenge*

faux bois mirrors in living room cross process
We have had a bare spot over our couch since we moved in.  I didn’t want to hang anything too visually “heavy” there because our curtained windows already take up a lot of visual space.  Mirrors were perfect for the spot, but I wanted to add a pattern to them to warm them up.  The hardware store is a great place to find mirrors of all shapes and sizes, at almost any price point.  Plus, you can find the necessary hardware to hang them right in the same store!
pattern detail
What I didn’t consider when I was coming up with this project design was how difficult it was going to be to photograph the mirrors!  😛  I decided to apply a faux bois (fake wood) pattern for a few reasons: 1) I love it SO much, 2) it matches nicely with the other botanical elements in my living room, and 3) it is very simple to do!
faux bois mirror detail
I love the contrast of the sleek, frameless mirrors and the nature-inspired faux bois pattern.  With the technique I used to create the pattern, you could easily swap the faux bois for animal print, stripes, chevron, whatever you like best!
faux bois mirrors hung
The mirrors have a custom look to them, which is always good.  Plus, they are useful for checking to see if I have any food in my teeth on my way out the door!
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