Here are some of the questions that I get asked about SYTYC.  More will be added all the time, so check back often! And if you have a question please let me know!

#1 – Did you create all of the crafts on this site?

I am not near that talented, nor do I have that much time! All the projects featured during the challenges are done by the season’s 10 crafters. I do share a few of my own projects here and there, but I will make sure to let you know if it is mine. If you’re still unsure, feel free to ask me!

#2 – How does the contest work?

I love this quote by Sara Moore of Handmade News gave of SYTYC from when she interviewed Missy a while ago, “Imagine 10 artisans going head to head in a crafting contest, where readers like you are a judges, and the winning piece is made into a tutorial afterward. Sound intriguing? This goes on every week on So You Think You’re Crafty.”

That pretty much sums it up!

#3 – How many weeks does each season include?

Every “season” lasts for 10 weeks and tests the skills of 10 competitors. Each week the contestants are given a theme for the week’s project. The public votes for a winner by ranking the projects. The winner makes a tutorial for their project, while the crafter with the least votes is “sent home.”

There is an audition round each season. Audition week takes place during week nine of the previous season (ie – the auditions for season 20 will happen in week 9 of season 19).

While voting is open the projects will remain anonymous. The crafters are revealed at the end of each week when the winner is announced.

#4 – Is there a schedule for when things are posted on SYTYC?

There is a schedule that I generally keep to for SYTYC, but it does fluctuate occasionally.

Sunday – The week’s theme is introduced

Monday – The new challenge is posted and the poll opens at 12:01 a.m. MST

Tuesday – The tutorial for the previous winning challenge is posted

Wednesday – An interview with the crafter that was sent home the previous week

Thursday – The “I’m Crafty” linky party opens at 12:01 a.m. MST.  The week’s challenge voting closes at 5 p.m. MST

Friday – The results from the weeks challenge are posted

Saturday – Favorite picks from the “I’m Crafty linky party are posted

#5 – How can I participate in a Season of SYTYC?

It’s simple,  just email me (soyouthinkyourecrafty@gmail.com) with a link to your blog (Due to the nature of the contest you do need to have a blog to participate – but this would be a perfect opportunity to start one!). I’ll take a look at it and add you to the next open audition round if I think you’re a good fit.

I limit each audition round to 20 crafters, but the number will vary. It’s just like a normal challenge, you make a craft and it will be voted on in a poll. Following the close of voting, the crafters with the top 10 projects will advance to the next round. Those who don’t make it through the audition round are welcome to try again.

The wait lists for 2013 are now closed. I am now taking requests for 2014. Spots are filling up quickly, so please let me know if you’re interested right away.

#6 – What do I need to provide if I’m chosen to audition?

For the audition round, bloggers will be expected to provide a write up and photos for an original project that has not been previously posted. There is no tutorial necessary for the audition round.

#7 – I was one of the top 10 in the audition round.  Now what?

If you make it through the audition round I’ll need a few things from you before the season actually starts:

  • a button to your blog,
  • answers to an eight question interview (will be provided)
  • a bio of you and your blog and shop (if you have one) that includes links and a headshot
  • a signed copy of a “Contestants Contract” – that sounds daunting, but it basically just says that you’ll provide the posts and I’ll get them up on time and things like that

Once the season is in full swing, I’ll just need your weekly projects from you and a tutorial for the craft if you are the winner for that week.

#8 – Is there a prize for the winner?

Yes there is!  The top three crafters of each season will win a spectacular prize from our fabulous sponsors.  The prize changes each season and is totally dependent on if there are any or how many sponsors there are.

If you would like to sponsor a season, check out the Sponsorship page for more details.