Family Photo Bulletin Board

*Project by Autumn @ It’s Always Autumn for the Sentimental challenge of season 13*

Years ago (when digital cameras weren’t the norm and we actually printed out all our photos) my husband bought a bulletin board and covered it with photos of the the two of us and our son as a birthday gift for me. He made a collage with the photos, covering every inch of the 2×3 ft board. We hung it up in our apartment and I loved looking at it. Ten years and four moves later and I have no idea where that bulletin board has gotten to. For this week’s sentimental challenge, I decided to recreate it, but on a huge scale.

My bulletin board is three feet high and seven feet across, and fills up most of the wall behind our kitchen table. It’s huge, but the board itself is made from a lightweight building supply you can find at any hardware store and it only cost $11.

I covered the board with a sheet that I dip-dyed for a dramatic, punchy effect. The board is screwed right into studs in the wall, so it’s completely secure, but if I ever want to remove it I’ll only have to patch four smallish holes. But it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

I covered the board with about 100 of my favorite photos from the past ten years. Most are printed in black and white for a streamlined look, but I printed a few favorites out in color to keep things interesting. I chose candid photos that might not be considered “wall-worthy”, but each one has a story and memory attached, so we’ve already sat together as a family talking about them. I’m really happy to have these pictures printed out and displayed instead of sitting on my hard drive – and since they’re just pinned on I can swap out pictures or rearrange them at any time.

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