Family Game Day

*Project made by Ashlee @ I’m Topsy Turvy for the Game Day challenge*

I am brilliant! I really am, for example: I was smart enough (or lucky enough depending on how you feel about it) to marry a man who doesn’t care about, or like, football. SOOO that means I never have to watch football! In fact I appreciate and enjoy a good football game WAY more than my engineering husband! So for this “game day” theme I decided to take my own twist on it and share one of our favorite family activities. Family game night! We have our Family game night on Thursdays, and we LOVE board games. Seriously love them. My book collection is the only thing that takes up more shelving space than our game collection. But as we have young and old children being inside all week long during the winter then sitting to play board games makes for the evening tends to not go as well. So we’ve been trying to come up with more active based games.

full size candy land game gingerbread men

I created a life size Candy Land Game!!! Not only will it be fun inside in the winter (the kids already love it) BUT we’ll be able to use it outdoor during the spring, summer and fall as well! To make the board flexible I made individual colored squares for the game board. Each time we play the game it will be a bit different and can easily be moved to various locations. In the spirit of the original game I made 4 colored gingerbread men for our game players to wear. I haven’t decided if I want them to be badges for the players to wear, or maybe turn them into necklaces.

full size candy land game spinner

Instead of a ton of cards I decided to make a spinner, we won’t have to worry about losing them (like our copy of the original board game). AND, let’s face it, a spinner is SOOO much fun!!! On the spinner we also have a spot for doubles, the “go two times”, to make up for the cards with two spot colors on it! I also have a pink section on th spinner. And of course we have our pink locations!!! Our locations are from the original game. Candy Hearts, Peanut Brittle, Peppermint, Lollipops, Ice Cream, and Gumdrops! To mark the location I made super huge images of each location that can double as yard stakes for our outdoor version! There’s a pink wedge on the spinner and to pick the location I made super large cards to pick from!

full size candy land game yard stakes

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