Fall Crafts for Kids Challenge Season 17, Week 6

Wow. We’ve past our mid-way point and are well on our way toward the end of Season 17. I am amazed by how quickly the time passes when you are marking the dates each and every week.

Fall Crafts for KidsThis week at SYTYC, we’re celebrating fall crafts for kids.

I am excited to share the project the boys and I worked on together later this week. In the meantime, please check out 10 great fall crafts for kids and our contestants amazing projects.

As the season winds down, it becomes even more important that you pop over and vote! These weeks are incredibly close and its often a matter of votes that decides the winner!

Fall Crafts for Kids Challenge

Project #1 Fall Wind Chimes

Fall is all around. It is a beautiful time of year and a great time to let the kids use their creativity. Fall has beautiful colors and lots of natural elements that are incorporated in decor and crafts. I wanted to incorporate these elements into a fun craft for kids.

Fall Wind Chimes

We used rocks, pine cones, wooden beads and some metal tea light holders (from the Target Dollar Spot) to create this fun fall wind chimes kid craft. This craft is more than just a craft. Kids can take a nature walk to collect rocks, pine cones and whatever they can find in nature to use in their wind chimes.

Fall Wind Chimes

The rocks are fun to paint and designing the wind chimes allows creativity to flow. This craft is perfect for kids and parent/adults to work on together. The kids can work on the wind chimes until they need the help of the parents. We had so much fun created them and I hope you liked it too!

Fall Wind ChimesProject #2 Halloween Candy Dispenser

Besides dressing up, my kiddos favorite thing about Halloween is the candy…Honestly, I enjoy sneaking my favorite pieces out of their bags too!  So, we created Halloween Candy Dispensers…

Halloween Candy Dispenser

All it took was a combination of mailing tubes, scrap paper, washi tape (LOTS of washi tape…My kiddos LOVE tape) ball ornaments and a dose of Creativity!  My kiddos designed them and I assisted in the hard part like cutting small pieces and using the glue gun.

Halloween Candy Dispenser

Make them to keep at home or to share with friends.  Either way, they are so stinkin’ cute…and FUN to make!

Halloween Candy Dispenser

Project #3 Pumpkin Bird Feeder

I had such a hard time deciding what to make for this challenge, not because I couldn’t come up with any ideas but because I came up with too many!  I finally settled on this bird feeder because I knew my animal loving kid would really enjoy it and because now that it is starting to get cool out, our feathered friends will soon be in search of food.  We had such a good time creating this little pumpkin shaped bird feeder to help the birds out!

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

We started with two 2 liter soda bottles, some paint, ribbon, a pipe cleaner, and a wooden dowel.  I did all the cutting and hole punching and then my son got to get messy and do all the decorating.  There was lots of learning with this project too, which was really fun!  While we painted we talked about birds, where they live and what they eat (my son wanted to feed them strawberries, but we went with bird seed instead).  We talked about the seasons and how when it gets cold in the fall and winter and all the leaves fall off the trees, it is hard for the birds to find food.   He learned about migration and how some birds like to fly south when it is cold, while others will hang around here with us.

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Once the paint dried and we assembled our feeder, we filled it with bird seed and hung it in out backyard.  The feeder has been a bit hit with the cardinals and finches.  It has been fun peeking outside and seeing the birds at our feeder.  I hope you like our bird feeder and vote me through to the next round!

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Project #4 Leaf Crown and Magic Wand

So this was a super fun project.  My kiddos have been surrounded by hot glue, paint, saws, ribbon, and anything that creates messes for years and I LOVE that they get into it like Mom.  One day they got up before me on a Saturday and I couldn’t find them anywhere…. I finally found them in my “craft room” making pretty flip flops with the hot glue gun!   Oh, it melted my heart.  So they were totally game for this project!

Leaf Crown and Magic Wand

This project wasn’t particularly difficult but time consuming waiting for everything to dry.  The garage looked like a glitter fairy showed up and didn’t have time to clean before she left.

Leaf Crown and Magic Wand

The wand was the most fun for the kids.  We first gathered our favorite sticks from outside then went to town.  We had many others that didn’t make the cut.    If I win the first place spot I’ll have to showcase some of the “out takes”.  I have an awesome idea for the Pumpkin craft, you’ll get to see it if you vote for my project!!  Thanks!

Leaf Crown and Magic WandProject #5 Thanksgiving Piñatas

I’m back!! Woo hoo!! Thanks for all who have participated in voting and help me to see another week in the contest. For this week’s challenge, I decided to make on of my favorite things to make…piñatas! Seriously, they are a lot of fun to make and even more fun to give away.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Pinata

Since the challenge was Fall Crafts For Kids, I enlisted the help of my children. I thought about doing a leaf piñata, but settled on a pilgrim hat instead. First, I had my son write out some words associated with Thanksgiving. Words such as, blessings, give thanks, and family. Next, I had them make confetti by cutting up a bunch of napkins. This was probably their favorite part. There was confetti everywhere! After the last bit of confetti was cut, they began stuffing the mini piñatas. First, a handful of confetti, then their Thanksgiving messages, finally they topped it off with even more confetti. We sealed and decorated the piñatas.

Pilgrim Hat Pinata

These make great school treats! We plan to hand out ours on Thanksgiving to family and friends. If you would like to see the full tutorial, consider voting for me! Thanks and I hope to be here again next week!

Pilgrim Hat Pinata



Fall Crafts for KidsIt’s time to vote! Please vote for your top two favorite projects. Voting will be open through Thursday, October 10, at 5 pm. The project with the most votes will be featured next week with a full tutorial.

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    • Tauni says

      Hey Kim, the pumpkin bird feeder was one of the projects entered into the competition, but it didn’t win and I don’t have a tutorial for it. I would recommend contacting Crystal, from Stitched by Crystal, who created this project. Thanks! Tauni