Etched Glass Window

What I used:
-A frame with glass (I got mine from Ikea. They were the only ones who sold a square in the size I wanted).
-spray paint (not needed if you don’t want to change the color of frame).
-contact paper
-scrapbook paper or fabric with a printed pattern you want to use for you design.
-exacto knife
-etching cream ( I used Armour Etch)
-plastic gloves
This is the frame I used, I painted it white.

I used this piece of scrapbook paper for my pattern.

Step 1: I removed my glass from the frame and applied contact paper over the top. I left a small boarder around the outside. Step 2: I lined my scrapbook paper up with the corner and started cutting away the negative space in the pattern with my exato knife. I traced the design with the knife and then peeled it away. The scrapbook paper was about 1/4 of the size of the glass pane. I had to move it around to finish the pattern.

Step 3: Once the pattern was cut from the entire pane, I applied the etching cream. I followed the directions on the bottle, but added 5 extra minutes to the wait time. Make sure you use gloves and don’t rinse your etched glass in a ceramic sink, it will dull the finish.

After rinsing the glass, I dried it, cleaned it with windex and placed it back in it’s frame.
*This was a small intricate design. It took me about five hours to cut away the pattern. I did it over a few days. Using a larger and more simple design would make it quicker and easier.
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  1. Ashley says

    Never mind. I didn’t really think that through before I asked the question… Sorry! Love the piece! 🙂