Embroidery Hoop & Pillow Tutorials

*Tutorials made by Tone @ Bless by Tone for her win of the Season 7 finale*

As my finale project I made the Garden House – I will give you some of the
tutorials. Today is the embroidery hoop basket. You can see the version I
made for the finale in the above picture.
Materials you will need:
2 pieces of coordinating fabric – size: the circumference of your
hoop, length of choice
1 embroidery hoop – I use the wooden ones.
Tie a ribbon around the closure of the hoop – and enjoy your basket.
The pillows are so easy to make – I med two pillows last night for this
tutorial in 45 minutes. Princess and Angel are starting school in the fall
and last night they had a sleep over in the kindergarten. Their
kindergarten is on a farm and they were going to sleep on the hey loft –
with eight kids and two adults. I thought the adults deserved a little
something extra and decided to make the tutorial and gifts into one. Here
is the tutorial:
For the pillow with another fabric on the bottom, I still use the same
The butterfly pillow is also made the same way – but I cut the butterflies
without a pattern – for the birds I made patterns, three different kinds
of birds, cut in different fabric and turned both ways.
Now it’s your turn.
Tone (and do come for a visit: Bless, by Tone)
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