Elegant Week Results

So this is where I would normally post one of my favorite links from yesterdays “I’m Crafty” party.  But this week I was a totally space cadet and forgot to open it so you could link up!  Oh man, sometimes I wonder how I even make it through the day without burning the house down. Sorry about that! So instead I have two quick things to say before the results.

First – Thank you, thank you to all who answered the survey I put up yesterday!  Your suggestions are tremendously helpful.  There were two main issues that were brought up and I had already been working on figuring out how to fix those (and discovered a new poll system that I think will work much better – you’ll see it in play during the upcoming auditions).  It’s nice to know we’re on teh same page :).  I did think of a few more questions I wanted to ask after it was too late to add them to the survey, so you may be seeing them on Facebook and Twitter soon.

Second – Oh. My. Goodness you guys!  Do you know babble.com?  I’m sure you do.  Well, So You Think You’re Crafty was named one of their Top 50 Mom Craft Blogs of 2013!


I am so honored that this here little blog made the list.  I do try to make this an inspiring place for everyone that visits, But I know that all the recognition is due to the amazing crafters that have participated who work there hearts out every week to put together the best projects they can.  So thank you Babble, but also THANK YOU CRAFTERS for all you do.

Ok.  Now that that’s all out of the way we can get to the real fun.  The Elegant Week Results.


And here is the crafter/project match-up:

#1 – Elegant Sparkling Centerpiece – Kim @ Maiden D’Shade
#2 – Eclectic Art Laptop Bag – Catherine @ CathGrace
#3 – Downton Abbey Inspired Knotted Pearls – Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty
#4 – Elegant Bathroom Re-do – Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique

This was one of the tightest races yet; only 14 votes between first and last!

But in the end it was Catherine and her Elegant Art Laptop Bag that pulled ahead.

Elegant Art Laptop Bag

Who would have thought to make a bag out of a painted art canvas? Totally awesome idea, Catherine!

But we have to say goodbye to Valerie this week.

Knotted Pearls - Valerie

I think her Knotted Pearls were a fun idea.  They’d be great for one of the many Downton Abbey inspired costume parties that will be happening, what with the Downton Mania everyone seems to have (I haven’t started watching because I know I’ll forget that I’m a grown up with responsibilities and a family until I’m caught up.  It’s better that I just don’t go there 🙂 ).

Make sure you go check out Valeries blog, Occasionally Crafty, so see all the other great stuff she and her sister have worked up!  You won’t be disappointed 🙂

And check back Monday for some fantastic projects using RIT Dye!

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  1. ColleenB. says

    WOW. the results where really close.
    I think all the projects where wonderful. Was hard to pick a favorite
    Best of luck to the remaining crafters.