Elegant {week 7}

How was your Valentines weekend?  It’s become a sort of tradition for my husband and I to go out bowling for our Valentines date.  Our  bowling alley of choice is in a restaurant so there’s really good food. And the seating for each lane is a leather sectional sofa.  So when ever it was my husbands turn I just sat back and enjoyed my Memphis burger, onion rings and pepsi.


We bowled four rounds and I won half.  Don’t mention it to my husband.  He’s super competitive so he’s a little bitter still 🙂

So here are the projects for week 7, the Elegant projects.  The poll will be open until midnight PST on Thursday.

Craft #1 – Elegant Sparkling Centerpiece – Kim @ Maiden D’Shade

I am so thankful to still be here for week 7! Thank you all for voting! This week I’m sharing this easy, yet elegant, centerpiece.

This is all you need:

  • tissue paper
  • glitter glue
  • sponge brush
  • clear glass vase
  • school glue (clear or white)
  • transparency sheet
  • string of battery operated lights
  • tape

I designed the image and printed it onto white tissue paper, but there is tissue that is quite lovely on it’s own that you can use. My decoupage medium was equal parts school glue, glitter glue and water mixed well. I carefully decoupaged the tissue paper onto the vase. To light the inside, I made a light tube from a sheet of transparency and taped battery lights to the outside of it.

I love all of those little sparkles and how it looks frosted! Thank you for voting 🙂

Craft #2 – Eclectic Art Laptop Bag – Catherine @ CathGrace

When I heard the theme for this week was “Elegant” I immediately knew what I wanted to make! I had an un-stretched oil painting that I picket up at a flea market in Peru, specifically painted in their colonial style (with lots of gold and elaborate Spanish style lace) I bought it knowing it was over the top (and not particularly precious beyond the sentimentality of the trip) with the intention of making a purse or bag out of the canvas. (I promptly got home and didn’t do anything with the canvas and it got added to my stash of stuff not yet realized!) When we got the theme of elegant, I decided that I would make an eclectic, and over the top elegant/shabby chic purse;  all out of sumptuous fabrics etc. But then, as I measured the canvas, I realized it was the exact right size to be a laptop bag, and the plan evolved!

I used the canvas as the front of the bag, backing it with a heavy plastic in order to keep the canvas rigid (you may not believe this, but I used a cutting mat for the plastic, I had to cut it to size with tin snips) There is gold piping around the canvas, teal velvet for the boxed sides, (and the underside of the strap) and the back is done in a decorator’s sample I had of a snakeskin print velvet. The inside of the bag is gotten into through a zip in the top of the bag, and is lined in a very soft, plaid flannel. There is a divider on the inside of the bag, so you can have files or accessories in there along with the laptop (or it actually fits 2 laptops, when we travel we take my blogger laptop, and the family laptop, so we can all do what we need!)

The outside back of the bag sports some raspberry velvet ribbon, and gold lace above the back zippered compartment, and the bottom has a frame of the ribbon, along with a square of Nottingham lace I picked up on a trip to England, and a little key hole embellishment. The strap is riveted on (and has a key to tie the back in) and the metal pieces come from a thrift-ed belt. The strap has turquoise and gold sari trim, white lace (to tie in the canvas) raspberry and gold ribbon, and the attachment points are covered in brown velvet ribbon. I really love how this bag has reminders of some of my travel, and that I can use it regularly as a blogger. I love the layers, and the details, and that it is a tongue in cheek version of elegant that doesn’t take itself too seriously!!! AND I would LOVE your vote!

Craft #3 – Downton Abbey Inspired Knotted Pearls – Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty

Thanks again for your votes last week!  I love this week’s theme and can’t wait to show you my project!

As I brainstormed ideas for this week’s theme, I realized that people have very different ideas as to what constitutes elegance.  Just try searching for “elegant” on Pinterest and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

I’ve been watching a lot of Downtown Abbey lately, which I love, and when I think of elegance, I think of the beautiful clothing and accessories the ladies of that time period wore.  Sometimes I wish I lived back then just so I could wear those amazing hats!

One thing the characters of the show have in common is the long, beautiful necklaces they wore.  I took that as my inspiration to bring you the “Lavinia” Knotted Pearl Necklace.

Back then, the necklaces often reached to their navels or even lower.  This isn’t really practical for me and my needs, so I did shorten the necklace just a tad.  Still, this is a vintage-inspired look for pearls that you can wear with a dress, a sweater, or even a dressed up blouse and jeans.

I love pearls, but a simple strand of pearls sometimes feels a little outdated.  Funny how going back in time for inspiration can make you feel a little more fashion-forward!

If you think my necklace reminds you of simple elegance, then I’d love your vote!

Craft #4 – Elegant Bathroom Re-do – Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique

I love how this challenge turned out. I have hated my bathroom for the last 5 years. Let’s just pretend it was the first owners who painted the bathroom that color. And let’s also pretend my Mom didn’t warn me that I would hate it and that it would turn the bathroom into a deep dark hole of a room mmmkay?? I’ve regretted painting it ever since and finally got the gumption to paint it back. My husband thought I was crazy going with white and told me it would take forever but lo and behold it didn’t! I used Behr Paint & Primer in one and it seriously worked wonders! I covered that dark dark paint in only 2 and a half coats. Then I had the wonderful idea to paint my cabinets blue. Love. Them. I painted them my very favorite color, sanded the edges and used my all-time favorite glaze to finish it off. Then we hung my thrifted mirror up and I was one happy girl. It looks so big now {even though it truly is tiny} All I need is a fun light fixture/chandelier and it would be complete. I love my new elegant bathroom SO much compared to the black hole it was! Hope you like it too 🙂


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  1. says

    Looks like a fun and yummy Valentine’s date. Bowling was the first date my husband (of 37 years) and I went on.
    Every week I look forward to seeing the wonderful creations your crafting superstars make. Keep up the great work!

  2. Keiza Lindsay says

    My husband proposed to me in a bowling alley…the ring was in my sock and I felt it when I put it on. It was pretty hilarious, unexpected, and totally uncoordinatingly nerdy….just like my sweet husband 🙂 I do have a question really quick. I wanted to link up something I made to your party tonight, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to do it. Is there a link button somewhere on the party post to click on to insert my url?

    • Missy says

      What cute story! We’re total fans of bowling. We never bowled before we were married, but after we went all the time! We found out that if you went to the bowling alley near our university before 11am it was only $4 a round and free shoe rental. We both had a break in classes at about 10 so we’d meet over there for a few rounds a couple times a week.

      As for the poll. I was a total idiot and forgot to open it! So it’s completely my fault. I should have double checked it after the post went up. Thanks for bringing it to my attention or I would have just thought no one wanted to share 🙂