Dr. Seuss Activity Blocks

*Tutorial by Mandy @ Sugar Bee for her win during the Dr. Seuss theme*

Check out these awesome Dr. Seuss Activity Blocks – way fun!!  My kids have LOVED them – all ages can find fun things to learn and do with them.

For this project you’ll need:
-a 2x2x8 board (they’re at the back of Lowe’s – around $1.30 or something)
-mod podge
-various colors of craft paint
-optional: words cut out of cardstock or vinyl (otherwise you could just write them on with paint)
-Dr. Seuss book to cut up
-colored paper

A note about the book to cut up – I scanned thrift stores and found an awesome activity book (for $.50!)- I only needed to use it – if using actual books you might need several.
Here’s the one I got (at Amazon it’s only $5):
Oh, the Things You Can Count from 1-10: Learn About Counting
Some others that I think would be good:
Did I Ever Tell You How High You Can Count?: Learn About Counting Beyond 100 (Dr. Seuss Beginner Fun Books)
Fun and Games with Counting (Dr.Seuss Flashcards)
Dr. Seuss Beginner Counting Cards
The Grinch’s Christmas Activity Book (Dr Seuss)
I’m sure there’s more, so just be on the lookout.

First, cut your long board into squares.  Note that when it says 2×2, it’s not really 2 inches, it’s more like 1.5.  Let me show you a trick on measuring and cutting – I learned this AFTER I cut my blocks.
It’s called a “stop” – clamp a scrap piece of wood over to the right distance – see picture:

Now, when you cut your 2×2 board, you scootch it up to the “stop” and then cut.  Then scootch it and cut again.  This way the cut is always measured the same.  I didn’t do this and I measured on the board and marked 9 lines and cut on the lines – and they weren’t exact or something, because the blocks are all slightly different -oops.  You’ll need 9 blocks. Here’s a picture of how to do it the right way:

And look, here I am actually using a power tool – you can do it!!

Next sand the blocks rough edges.
After that I painted each side a different color – you don’t have to do this, but I thought it would help the kids to know to turn all the blocks to a certain side (for example, with my set, all the green-background blocks are used for the matching game).
Now the fun part – decided what games you want, find corresponding pictures, then trace and cut squares like so:

The following are the games I had for my blocks:

The blocks have 6 sides so there are 6 different activities:
Word Game – using “fox in socks” arrange these blocks to create lots of fun and crazy rhyme sentences.
Puzzle – even older kids enjoy the puzzle – it can be tricky because the blocks rotate so you have to figure which way is up.
Look Alike – match pictures that look alike – one is odd man out.
Color Naming – perfect for younger kids – name colors, have them find them, let them name colors – even “rainbow” is included.
Counting Fish – one fish two fish – find the blocks with specific numbers of fish, group them in “less than” “greater than” and many other fun things can be done with this side.
Body Parts Mix-up – head-body-feet of three “things” – match them all up, or have fun mixing them up.

Now, put mod podge on the back of your square of paper – it’s glue, so stick it to your block.  After all the sides are stuck on and dried, I sanded all the edges again.
Finally, put a layer of mod podge over the entire block.  That’s it – enjoy!!

I really enjoy these Activity Blocks – they are a new go-to if I need to bring something to entertain all my children, because they offer something for everyone.  This craft is thrifty and easy, so I would love to make some sets for gifts to give to family/friends and also for teacher gifts – these are perfect to have in the classroom.

My kids have even thought of different games to play with them than the original 6 I thought of – like here, where they’re playing a memory matching game with the words.

Come by and see me on my blog – – I have more plans for blocks – they’re so thrifty to make (someone do the math- how many blocks can you get out of the 8ft board – all for only under a dollar and a half!) – hopefully I’ll be able to get those posts up in the next week or two….(click the button below to head over to my part of the craft world, Sugar Bee Craft Edition)

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