Dollar Store {week 3}

Hey Guys!  Sorry this is so late!  What with the holiday weekend and all I totally spaced this post!  I hope you all had a safe, fun weekend!

Well, last week’s winning project was perfect for a 4th of July picnic.  Randi‘s “Picnic for Two” was the favorite of the Make Believe bunch.  It really makes me want to learn to crochet.


But we had to say goodbye to Narelle this week.  Her Spaceman Rocket was adorable, but didn’t make the cut.  I can’t wait until I can find a box big enough to make a rocket big enough for my little girl that I can base on her design.  Abbi would LOVE it!

Be sure to keep up with Narelle’s awesome blog, Cook Clean Craft.  She’s got lots of great stuff on it.

And I’m sure you’re all wondering who else did what last week (remember you can always check the ‘past crafts’ tab) so here are the Make Believe match ups:

#1 – Picnic for Two – Randi
#2 – It’s Show Time – Laura
#3 – Mailman Outfit – Amy
#4 – Space Trio – Heather
#5 – Play Kitchen – Camilla
#6 – Tooth Fairy Tracking Chart – Ashley L
#7 – Puppy Dog Towel – Ashley T
#8 – Spaceman Rocket – NarelleAnd now for this weeks challenge…Dollar Store.  And since I’m a day late posting this we’re extending the time the poll is open until Saturday, July 9th at 9 pm Central Time. You all get an extra day to vote and tell people to come vote!


Craft #1 – Shabby Chic Bowl – Ashley @ Cherished Bliss

This week is Dollar Store, I had such a hard time. I went to 3 dollar stores for inspiration and kept coming up with ideas but I couldn’t finish them in my head. I normally just lay everything out and put stuff together, but since I couldn’t take the whole store home. I had to figure something out. This is what came out.
A shabby chic inspired bowl from the dollar store! I was so happy!! I knew I wanted to be able to use this project in my own house, and I had an empty place on a desk. : )
I used a hideously ugly pee colored plastic bowl, but with nice lines, and some fake flowers. I decoupaged some old scrap fabric onto the bowl, embellished – AND I was done! Super easy and super messy (since I pretty much had to use my fingers in the decoupage).

Craft #2 – Sun-Catcher Wind-Chime – Laura @ EmmieLu Designs

I was extremely nervous about this weeks theme. It seems like such a stretch to create something that looks expensive using only materials found at the dollar store! My goal was to find things that most people might have laying around the house and use them in a fun and exciting way. What I came up with was this adorable sun-catcher wind-chime!

My supplies from the dollar store were spoons, forks, glass beads, ribbon, metal planter riser, and silver wire. Who would have thought I could make something so cool with stuff at the dollar store! I wish I could record the noise it makes when the wind blows – different from a traditional wind-chime, but a calming clinking noise that I LOVE but my favorite part is when the sun hits it and reflects funky colors off of the different glass beads attached.

You could definitely use the same technique on the forks and serving pieces for a funky addition to any dinner party or place setting 🙂

Craft #3 – Ruffle Apron Tunic – Randi @ Dukes & Duchesses

This week’s theme was a lot of fun.  I started with a dress {which was actually the length of a tunic} from Dollar Tree, pulled out a nasty stitched tuck along the neckline, and added a ruffled, button-on apron.
The apron was sewn from green gingham and embellished with a frayed-edge ruffle matching the buttons.  I stuck to the Dollar Store theme and kept the project super cheap, using fabric that I already owned.
Paired with some leggings, this little tunic will be cool and cute for summer.

Craft #4 – Placemat Bag – Camilla @ Candied Apples

What is the perfect bag? Well, it must be big enough to hold the essentials, light weight and cute. Oh and if you’re a mom, it should probably be washable, of course.
This bag started out as a slightly boring placemat. Now it is a clean, modern bag with cutout handles. All from the dollar store for just $1.50. If it gets dirty, just wipe it down, it’s vinyl.
It could not be any cuter!

Craft #5 – Whiz Bang Firecracker Wreath – Ashely @ Not Just Grannies

What do you get when you pair a 4th of July garland with a package of 36 coin wrappers?

36 fun, festive, firecrackers!

And pair it with $1 wreath and you get a very crackly Whizbang Fire Cracker wreath!

I love these “fire crackers”. It takes me back to times when Independence Day in the USA was gingham tablecloths, homemade apple pie, and Americans that stood taller with pride for their country. The fire crackers “pop” right in the center, along with the onomotopea sounds so characteristic of the good ole days.

Then take the dozen extra firecrackers and make festive necklaces for the kids!

This project was made with $3 from the dollar tree (wreath, garland, and coin wrappers). I purchased one can of $2 spray paint and everything else I had on hand.

Looks like a new annual tradition in “The Works”. So proud to be an American! God Bless the USA!

Craft #6 – Girls’ Night Out Serving Set – Amy @ Spicy Tuesday Crafts

I was really excited for this week’s Dollar Store challenge for two reasons: first, I love finding useful stuff really cheap and second, my darling sister’s birthday is next week and I had NO IDEA what to get/make her so I decided to kill two birds, as they say. I wandered the aisles and came home with the following assortment:
Three plastic plates, four candle holders, a plastic table cloth, two plastic bowls and some nail polish. Several hours of drying time later, behold the Girls’ Night Out Serving Set!

My sister holds a regular Girls’ Night Out at her house and let’s be honest – who doesn’t like pretty serving dishes – so I made a 3-tiered tray and a coordinating standing bowls. Everything is securely attached (with great amounts of E-6000) so it won’t collapse mid-party. The bowl stands are two different heights to help add visual interest to the table. And there are lots of colors represented here so it can be used with other serving bowls that my sister already has. In case it’s not obvious, I used the nail polish to lightly decorate the glass pieces. Now I just have to box it all up and send it to her, hopefully in time for her next

Craft #7 – Flower & Doilie Bunting – Heather @ Me Making Do

This little Bunting/Banner is so much fun.
Hand made  Flowers and doilies add to the charm.
Drape it across a wall or hang it outside.
Use it as a window valance.
There is an opening on top for adding a rope or sliding a curtain rod through for hanging. I love how this piece turned out, such a cute little accessory.
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  1. says

    Isn’t all the stuff in the GNO serving set from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart?? Not the same thing as the dollar store…

    • Rachel says

      I saw some plates extremely similar at Walmart [part of of that line] – they were on sale for $1 … but that doesn’t really count!

  2. Marilyn says

    I love the sound of windchimes blowing in the breeze. Think I’ll try my hand at making one for my deck in the mountains.

  3. rosie says

    Which dollar store did #6 from “girls night out serving set” get those darling plates? I love the polka dot & the just red scalloped plate. I have not seen anything THAT cute at any of my dollar stores!
    I loved & voted for the flower Bunting/Banner! So cute for a summer garden in my gazebo.


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