Dollar Store Results

Hey hey!

So I am so sorry about the lame poll issue this week.  I’m hoping this won’t be an issue going forward, but if anyone of you knows of a better option, I’m open to suggestions.  Here are the official results of the polls.

So, here are those numbers assigned to their rightful crafters.

#1 – Sarah – 29
#2 –  June – 19
#3 –  Amanda – 116
#4 –  Brittany – 27
#5 –  Kim – 136
#6 –  Wendy – 44
#7 –  Jama – 38
#8 –  Taylor – 14
 #9 –  Angela – 77
That means Kim at Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me was our winner with her Scrubby Bath Puppets!
Congratulations Kim!  I love those, but not as much as I’m sure my Abbi would.  The tutorial will be up in a few days so be watching for it.
However, we have to make our first goodbye of the season.  Taylor and her Spring Centerpiece won’t be going on.
But if there is a good week to go home, this week is it.  Taylor has a lot going on in her life right now, and some of it is pretty exciting.  Are any of you in the Houston TX area than her exciting news could be pretty exciting for you too.  She just opened up an awesome retail store!  But, if sadly like me, you’re not anywhere near Texas, you can see all her crafty goodness on her blog, Taylor Made.
Stay tuned for the the exciting next episode of SYTYC 🙂 !


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