Do you want to participate in SYTYC?

Hey there!  As you probably noticed it’s the audition for season 7 (I still can’t believe we’re that far along!).  Whenever an audition round runs I get a ton of emails asking how to audition, how to sponsor and to suggest theme ideas.  I thought this time I’d just write up a post and answer all the questions at once (but I’m sure I’ve missed some so don’t hesitate to ask if you have one!).  I hope this makes sense :)

Have a Theme Idea?

You guys know what you want to see and you all have fabulous ideas.  I just created this page for you to leave a comment with your theme ideas.  Or you can always email me.

Want to Sponsor a Season of SYTYC?

Would you like to sponsor a prize for the winners of a season on So You Think You’re Crafty?  Then have I got a deal for you – explained in bulleted form, cuz I love lists :) !

  • SYTYC will host your 150×150 button on our sidebar for the entire length of the season. Each season runs for 11 weeks (9 weeks of challenges, 1 for auditions and 1 for the final winner announcement).
  • A “page” on SYTYC listing links to your shop and the item that you will be providing.
  • An introductory post of all sponsors the first Tuesday of the season.
  • At least 2 mentions throughout the season (may or may not be it’s own post).
  • A final post at the conclusion of the season matching the winners up with their prizes.

Here’s your part:

  • Provide a prize of at least $25 in value that you will be able to ship anywhere worldwide.

That’s it!  Email me at if you’re interested in sponsoring Season 7.

How to Audition:

This is probably the easiest part.  All you have to do is email me that you’d like to audition and give me a link to your blog.  That’s it! If you’re a good fit for SYTYC I’ll add your name to the waiting list.  I try to keep about 20 names on each seasons waiting list.  There are always a few crafters that can’t actually do it`the round they were listed which means there are usually about 15 crafters that audition – 10 of which are chosen for the season.

I would love to see your blog and have you compete no matter how big, small, new or old your blog is!

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