DIY Nail Polish Rack {guest tutorial}

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I am so excited to be here on SYTYC!  I am Mandy and you can find me over at Mandy Jean Chic.  My blog is eclectic, to say the least, and truly reflects me.  Some days my posts are make up/beauty related, others its fashion, sometimes I post my latest craft and other days I ramble on about my love for decor.  You can even find posts about my Bloodhounds and living in New Mexico.

The beginning of December I was sitting at my horribly messy vanity table trying to put make up on, without stabbing myself in the eye with eyeliner, and I realized something.  I need to organize my girl corner!  With the holidays around the corner I decided to organize as frugally as possible.

After pricing nail polish racks online I realized that in order to purchase a rack/racks large enough for my collection I would need to take out a second mortgage. Ok.. maybe that is a tad dramatic but its expensive!!

Off to the Dollar Tree I went and like a proud Mother, I present to you my DIY nail polish rack.  Grand total for this project was around $10.

2 White Foam Boards 30″x20″ (Dollar Tree $0.99 each)
8 Dowels 3/16″ (Walmart, pack of 16 for $0.98)
1 Roll of Black Duct Tape (Dollar Tree $0.99)
3 Rolls of Contact Paper (Dollar Tree $0.99 each)
Razor Cutter
Cutting Mat
Hot Glue Gun
I originally had taken photos of my step by step process but technology has failed me and I had to purchase a new computer.  If you have ANY questions feel free to leave a comment or email me at
#1- Cut foam board into pieces.  These are my measurements but you can adjust to fit your needs.  Remember measure twice, cut once.  I remembered this the hard way.
        1 large white foam board cut into shelving
              2 Pieces for top and bottom, 2″x26″
              2 Side pieces for middle shelf and support, 2″ x 19.5″
              6 Shelves,  2″x12″
       1 large white foam board SCORE to make side support and back
              Lay foam board and score each side in 2 inches
#2- Wrap top, bottom, 2 side shelving pieces and 6 shelves with black duct tape.  You can also use contact paper if you wish or foam board paints like a dream! I used duct tape for support.
#3- Lay contact paper around side pieces and front of foam board.  You can see my favorite black and white print contact paper from the Dollar Store.  Love this stuff!!
#4- Run bead of glue along the top of the rack and place the top shelf in.  Do the same for the bottom shelf.
#5- Glue sides to the top and bottom.  Make sure to run a small bead of blue on both sides for support.
#6- Fill in the scored sides of the nail rack with glue for support.
#7- Measure and space out your shelves.  Mine are about 5″ apart.  Start gluing your first shelf in and use this as a guide.
#8-  Once the first side of shelves are glued, glue the first interior support.  Secure ALL seams with a bead of glue, top and bottom. Nail polish may not look heavy but about 30 polishes will add some weight to your rack.
#9- Repeat steps 7 and 8 for other side.
#10- Now that your rack actually looks like a nail polish rack cut your dowels to 12″ or the length of your shelves.
#11- Carefully add glue to each end of the dowel and place low enough to secure the nail polish bottles.  Mine are about an inch from the shelf.
If you have built or build a DIY nail polish rack please leave a comment and I would LOVE to check it out.  Also, I must give credit to my wonderful hubby for helping me make this.  I am the creative spirit in the house and he helps me execute.
Thanks Missy for this opportunity!


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  1. Diane says

    Hello, I am in the process of building my own nail polish rack and of all the DIY videos and designs I like yours the best. I am just a tad bit lost with the process of scoring the board and would love it if you cold give me additional advice as into this process.
    ” 1 large white foam board SCORE to make side support and back
    Lay foam board and score each side in 2 inches”
    I would also gratefully appreciate it if you could tell me about how many nail polishes fit on our nail polish rack.
    I look forward to hearing from you.